Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing papas out there! 🏆 #therealmvps

Okay okay, one last one for Father’s Day because this is one of my absolute favorites. I love dads that really truly show up for family photo sessions. Like “oh can you get one of me and my son surrounded by all our dogs?” Abso-freaking-lutely, you can 😍

@arnel.leyco, you wanting to catch them before they fall is what makes you a good father, but picking them up, brushing them off, and letting them try again is what makes you a great one. Happy Father’s Day to YOU and to all the dad’s just like you, who don’t do anything unusual, but just continue to do what dad’s are supposed to do - be there. | #appreciatedeveryday

Blessed Father's Day to this handsome man that we have been so happily blessed with! Fate brought us together and you have shown unconditional love to Helios and I since the start. You are such a hard working, nature loving, nurturing hippie daddy and bubby loves to hang out and learn from you! Sacrificing your health in this toxic industry you're in to provide more for us and still come home and spend time with us! It will only get better with time the bond you two have and we love you for always trying your best to be patient and overstanding! Keep on loving us in the way that only you can!!! Many thanks for all you do, we are so excited for the years to come with you by our side!! #BlessedFathersDay #OneofaKindDad #DontForgetDads #NplusTLove #HeliosHumbert #MiSolMiCorazon #FunDads #VeganDad #HandsomeDad #FarmerDad #UnconditionalLove #LoveYouEndlessly #soul_fullah_love

Wow we have been so blessed to have ‘dada’ aka @taylorjford home with us over the past two months. Tomorrow he heads back to work, and we will find a new normal. I’m so thankful for BofA for being progressive and realizing Dad’s deserve time off to bond with their new babies and support their spouses during this time of transition. I’m going to miss spending all day everyday as a family of 4, but I know one little blue eyed boy who is realllllyyy going to miss having his bestie around 24/7! We’ll be counting our blessings and counting down for the next half of his #paternityleave ! I’m not always easy to be around (especially 24/7) but Taylor handles myself, our toddler, and our newborn with so much grace! We’ll need to get Tatum some tailored suits so he can continue matching Daddy on weekdays 😜 ! #dontforgetdads #familyoffour #superdad

Does this look like the cover of a super rad Father/Son rap album to anyone else? Now all we need is @macklemore to hop on board for a few verses and we’d be golden 💛😁 #fatherhooddaily #dontforgetdads

I snapped this photo of my husband and our firstborn on her second morning earthside. He totally adores her... and me! It was my great pleasure to watch my man become a father. He had the privilege of catching her as she was born - he now tells us the story with the biggest smile on his face! He's always encouraged us and supported us to continue breastfeeding as long as we both want. He's snapped a million photos of our precious early years. He's done bath times and bed times to enable me precious time in silence. All the while building a business from scratch and working long hours. He has always been a wonderful man but is 10 times the man he was since becoming a dad.

There is something incredible about witnessing the transformation of men into fathers. As a doula, I get a very small glimpse of it and sometimes it's just as emotive as seeing a mother meet her baby.

If you've read this far, happy father's day to my man and all the men who birth with their women, and to all the women who are both mother and father.

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He’s not a regular dad, he’s a cool dad, the downest dad. He takes her in the freezing pool, plays in the waves with her, sings The Greatest Showman songs with her, dances with her, reads her the Bible every night, and works hard every day to provide for her. Happy Father’s Day! We love you, @karlstuck and are blessed to call you ours. ❤️

Dad’s are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song // Pam Brown #happyfathersday #fivewildsphotography #everydayheroes #dontforgetdads

The world would be a much better place if we were all fortunate enough to have fathers like you. 🌎👍🏻💚 #luckyboy #luckymom #firstfathersday #dontforgetdads #lukastay #youtoopaul

Father’s day!! This was one of my favorite fathers that I worked with in welcoming their little one into this world! I love love LOVE dads and their vital part in birth. I’m your doula, too, dads!! All part of the support team. So much LOVE!! #dontforgetdads #doula

Love those Haaka pumps ❤️. #repost

This will be lengthy but it’s for my dad:
It’s a little late in the day, but in order to even put together the words for my dad; I have to be in my element (ya know, no tiny grabby hands yanking at my phone😋).

My dad is the one person I have always known I can count on. He is the one person that will come at me with a calm voice and hear both sides, he reassures me of my worth, and shows me his love for me daily- which is sometimes so much more than words.

Every single time I get in my car, I think of my dad! He taught me how to drive of course, but the things I always remember about that were the ‘off the wall’ scenarios he would give while teaching us. Ex: “Now if a turkey runs out in front of you, this is the best way to handle that...”(Kentucky farm kids)☺️ He’d give me 3 different routes to get to where I was going and 3 more to get home. He always made sure I knew how to handle every situation. Before I’d leave the house he’d follow me outside and do all the safety light tests— (left signal, right, brakes, flashers). And maybe that sounds silly, and my 15 year old self would have agreed with you; but my self now is so grateful he took the time to teach me in being so thorough, efficient and caring. What I didn’t know then was, he was also teaching me for the day that I became the teacher. Like I said, I think about those moments every single time I get in the car to this day. And one funny thing is, I always say Cordero and my dad are similar (like really similar). And after a couple dates with Cord, he also did the safety light test before I left one night- my heart swelled up giant & melted completely.😌❤️

I know I’m blessed with an amazing dad, and when I was younger I definitely took advantage of that and today I am always trying to appreciate more, love more, reflect kindness in my actions more, live with no regrets and be a better daughter. He’s the best Papa and I could never have enough words to say how much I love my dad and appreciate the love he’s always shown me.
❤️love you daddy❤️

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Happy Father’s Day to the best daddy ever! Thanks for working so hard for us every day and still being the fun parent, chasing this crazy guy around and taking us out on all the coffee dates. We love you so much!❤️

We made it to San Antonio late Friday night. Spent all day yesterday and today unloading the truck. We were hot and exhausted and thinking we were going to be doing this enormous task on our own but three amazing guys from church showed up at different times today and helped us get ALL of it unloaded. They were a blessing and we are so grateful. We celebrated the end of this Father's Day by going to Chuy's, a fantastic restaurant full of character and yummy food. So far, so good, San Antonio.👌 (and I can't mention Father's Day without saying how very much I love my husband and my dad...men who love the Lord, who love their families, who exemplify servanthood and faithfulness, who enjoy laughter and a shared love for steak.🐂😊 Strong men. Good men.💙)

Gage & the babe in my belly (+ the others to come after that) are so lucky for the advantage they’re getting in life simply by being loved by you.
I knew you were going to be good at this - but damn. Gage believes you’re his personal super hero. “Dad you teach me to play baseball Dad?” & “I want my daddy tell me stories.” You’re the best.
Happy 3rd Father’s Day my love, & it’s the last year of being dada to one. Just our little rambunctious blonde roommate for now, but the next thing ya know we’ll be saying “the kids.”
📸 @brooke_ziegler_photography
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