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Good morning luhh mama Its been 10 years since the Family has Seen mehh 😔💔 ik y'all miss Mehh but that Baby boii y'all raised all Grown Up now ❤💪 And imma come Home 2 the family July 31 and take care Of y'all ❤🍫 ik y'all Miss tf outta Mehh so LET THE FAMILY KNO THE KING IS Returning 💪❤💪 And Imma Get the Thrown Back 😊❤💪 So when y'all See mehh dont cry OK ion want y'all crying I want y'all happy ❤💪😊😊🍫 And We Gon fight U Neva Called back 😂😂😂 Long head ahh ❤🍫😊 Love u cuzn 🍫❤ #imThebestever ❤💪 #DONTFOLLOW HER OR TRY 2 TALK 2 HER I WILL BEAT YALL AHH 💪💯

Stay wherever u feel brave and be urself #dontfollow #thecrowd #beyourself

#dontfollow .. ✌

You ain't gotta take the perfect path, you just gotta make it to the finish line. #summer2017 #madtown #Dontfollow @ericburrell_ 😂😂

You don't worry about fitting in when you are custom made
#dontfollow #leader #fuckaverage #fucknormal #panama

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Actually I don't laugh really.... I feel sad for them 😢😘 #bediferent #beyourself #dontfollow #lead


Stay wherever u feel brave and be urself #dontfollow #thecrowd #beyourself

#dontfollow .. ✌

For all you aspiring leaders/managers.
In modern organizations, there is a common saying you don't "get" a seat at the table--you earn one.
Personally I cringe every time I hear this, if I wanted a seat at the table I would have joined the mafia.
Nevertheless ask 99% of people wanting to go onto management role what they want and they'll often say "a seat at the table."
I have written what I believe to be true when it comes to being noticed in the workplace.
1) Be proactive not reactive-build projects/ideas that reflect where the business is going not where it’s been.

2) Kill sacred cows-the traditions and ideas that got you where you are may not get you where you need to go. Be willing to let go of anything that doesn’t get you to future state, in other words a growth mind-set.

3) Ask for feedback--don’t ask what’s working; ask what isn’t. Fix it.

4) Embrace transparency-share what isn’t working in your teams, it may feel uncomfortable but it will drive better conversations.

5) Leave your desk-your team has to be in the business to understand, live and breathe it--you can’t learn that sitting solely at your desk ( and the extra steps are always good )

6) Lead don’t follow- Build a team of people with a bias to act and lead versus observe and follow.

Don’t do it darling! My girl’s will not be out here doing what these so called “Women” do & that’s the truth! 💯 I#Dontfollow #Bebetter #Worryaboutyou #Sadworldwelivein


Wie, du machst aus Wasser Wein? Doch schüttest den Leuten Weihwasser ein? Bei dir gibts anstatt dem reinen Wein, nur nen verblassten Heiligenschein? Ja Digga, ich will kein Heiliger sein. 🤔 Ich zähl mit verbundenen Augen bis 30, hab die Fingerspitzen an meiner Nase und balancier über die scheiß Line, auf nur ein Bein.. 😜 Also, wer bildet sich auf seine Skills was ein? Promille wie Hubraum, so muss dit sein. Nein man, kauft euch nen Fahrrad oder die Bahncard, aber bitte, "Dont Fahr Hart".. 😋 Außer mit Board und Hoodie von Carhartt. Und denk dran, dass auf dem Wasser - Neptun den Plan hat. 😰 Lieber drei Zacken als einkacken. Beckers_Becks der Reim Spacken. 😕

✌😱✌ Bete du mal schön für deinen Gott. Ick hab mehr Opfer als Gabe im Kopp.. 😨


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