Fun fact: Kangaroos can’t go backwards 🤔 their legs literally won’t let them.. hopping foreword all the way I guess. .
On another note, our national icon has been listed as a pest and those in authorities positions have said they should be dealt with due to the plague like population. Read the below and change the word kangaroo to humans... Go! .
Professor Paton went on to warn a large kangaroo population could pose a threat to biodiversity. “It’s not the kangaroos’ fault they’re overabundant, it’s probably we’ve just been too reluctant to take a stick to them, remove them out of the system sooner, to actually prevent the damage being caused," he said. .
Food for thought... if we aren’t going to stop the overpopulation of humans, why do we do it to the animals?

My husband's Vietnamese friend makes us her #delicious #banhpho from time to time and this week we again got lucky. I added some raw pressed tofu to her vegan #pho and that's today's lunch. It's so good I don't even mind the fresh #ngogai 💚 #veganlife #interbeing #vegansofinstagram #eatkindly #meatfree #dairyfree #loveanimalsdonteatthem #compassionateeating #harmnone #crueltyfree #govegan #plantbased #veganlife #weareallconnected #donteatanimals #alllifeissacred #plantpowered #earthlings

🥕 Mayonesa de zanahoria 🥕
Esta receta es una BOLUDES
Todos los ingredientes van a ojo, yo use solo una zanahoria porque no quería mucha cantidad, aceite de oliva y girasol, sal, pimienta, pimentón, ajo y mostaza.
Cocinan la zanahoria como quieran (horno, hervida, al vapor, etc), la ponen en un recipiente, la condimentan, y le agregan muy poquito aceite (del que mas les guste), procesan todo, y le van agregando aceite hasta que quede la consistencia de una mayonesa.
Listo ✨
🌿 Mi unico consejo es: Usen muy poquito de algun aceite con sabor tipo oliva o coco, y el resto usen uno neutro como girasol o sémola, porque sino van a tapar el sabor de la zanahoria.
Es una delicia😋 [en heladera dura aprox tres dias]
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No matter how tough some people think they are, those people still can’t chop a living turkeys neck off, defeather, and remove the insides. I know before becoming #Vegan over a year ago I still couldn’t do that. Like all living creatures on this planet, we are all here for a purpose. Whom ever decided the purpose was for food, that was generations ago. If your mom and dad served you this, you understood it to be something you should eat. Of course, we listen to our parents. It’s time for change though everyone. There’s many alternatives to meat, dairy, and other so called foods that have put unnecessary weight on us, causes our family members to acquire cancer and other life threatening illnesses that shrink our lifespans for what? I want to be on this earth as long as I can for my family. Think of your kids on how you can change the next generation. It’s coming sooner or later. Live longer, live healthy, and stay positive. Just because I eat different doesn’t make me different. I know I been different period my whole life. #Year2SavingAFriend #DontEatAnimals #Vegan #LiveForever #LiveHealthy #LiveForYourKids I love you @love_all_things_24

Know your why. It is not in line with who I am to eat the slaughtered bodies of innocent baby creatures, so I no longer participate.
#vegannovemberchallenge #veghead #veganismislife #plantstrong #donteatanimals #mercyforanimals #protectothers #standforsomething #morals #consciousness #veganforareason

What is on your plate should never have screamed, it should never had been in a truck and transported to a slaughterhouse, it should never be alive. -
Leave animals off your plate, go vegan💪🌱
#vegan #noharm #donteatanimals #govegan #goveganfortheanimals

Good Morning! Read this! •

It’s Friday!🔥🔥You are LIVING. Do you feel how precious and immensely blessed you are to have a heart that is beating❤️? A heart that is allowing you to go on in the world and create the life you please? This is the best feeling. Love your world. Love your body. Be the temple you are and decide that today you will put no death in your temple because then you become a tomb. Make this Friday a day for ALL LIFE. Live and let live. Your heart is allowed to beat... feel that rhythm and respect it for ALL creatures of our planet. You will not ingest the suffering, pain, and death because that’s not your vibe. Your vibe is freedom to live. FEEL GOOD ENERGY🧘🏽‍♀️. LIT NIGHTS💃🏽. GOOD MUSIC🎶. LAUGHTER😂. GOOD KARMA🐘. Feel good today about making a conscious choice to put no bad energy inside of you. Let your whole aura be life and gratitude for it👌🏽. Decide to eat no animals today! Watch how amazing your day feels and how lit your night is😏😉!! Make this Friday all about living! No death allowed ❌❌🚫You don’t need that energy! •

There are meatless options everywhere now.... choose them 😌. I promise you, life feels better this way. Have an amazing morning and Friday!! •

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More and more of my people are finding their way to a plant based diet. I'm consistently getting messages, and it honestly fills me more than anything else. Seeing this massive movement in action. Knowing that we are all coming at it from different backgrounds, cultures, thought patterns. The other night little Remy laid his head on my lap and I massaged his little head for what seemed like forever. To me, nothing negative could ever come from sparing lives. It's been almost three years. I've ebbed and flowed, I've learned so much about my body, my mind, my spirit. But all in all, I've completely thrived on a plant based diet. I look at photos from me in college and I looked inflamed. I looked swollen. Just not as shiny and fresh. If that makes sense. It's a circle. An endless circle. Isn't it? We show love. We gain love. We show love. We gain love. We put love into our bodies, we produce more love to spread into this world. Thank you for considering this life. Thank you for showing the animals love. Thank you for showing yourself love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Für Milch leiden Tiere mehr als für Fleisch! Aber verzichten will keiner, denn es schmeckt ja so lecker. Das Kalb lernt seine Mutter nicht kennen. Jedes Baby gehört zu seiner Mutter. Es ist einfach nur traurig wie wir Menschen Tiere ausbeuten!
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#Repost @boxersnigs (@get_repost)
#Repost with respect for @they_want_to_live_too
, @lilkimthevegan & @eatplants.behappy I had a family member who doesn’t talk to me anymore say this exact thing because I used the words dead animals instead of meat and she said it offended her. People don’t want to hear the truth. They enjoy living in their comfortable world of lies. Why spare our eyes the sight of the suffering we cause another living being? Or our ears the truth? ・・・
My 5 year old asked me the other day, “mom, why do they call it meat and not dead animals?” Before I could reply, he added, “I think it’s because if they call it meat people will eat it and not think about the animals. If they call it dead animals then people won’t want to eat the animals.” Yes baby. Yes yes yes! Why is this so simple for a young child to understand and so difficult for adults to understand?
The older we get the longer we have been conditioned, and the more our daily habits become ingrained in us. After so many years of propaganda “meat for protein” “milk for calcium” we have a hard time seeing the truth for what it is. This is cognitive dissonance.
There is absolutely no nutritional need to kill and eat animals. And we are in fact, not baby cows. Milk is for babies. Cows milk is for baby cows. You can live without that steak, bacon, or chicken wings. The animals cannot. They value their lives more than you will ever value their death.
Please stop contributing to such cruel industries. There is no justifiable reason to continue. Once we stop the demand for these products, the industries will have to stop the supply. This is how supply and demand works. Your dollar is your vote. Do you choose compassion, or cruelty?🌱
#stopkillinganimals #stopeatinganimals #govegan #veganforanimals #veganforhealth #veganfortheplanet #veganfortheanimals #vegan #compassion #animallover #animallovers #donteatanimals #dairyisscary #yourenotababycowbro #protein #propaganda #vegansofig #thefutureisvegan #bethechange #vegansofinstagram 🌱Howdoigovegan.com & 🌱Vegankit.com
Be on the right and the compassionate side of History, be vegan. -✌️Morgan🕊️

There was a post going around social media about an ad that was banned for being too political. It showed an orangutan invading a little girl’s room and telling her the story of how its home had been destroyed to make her shampoo etc.
It was shared and liked and commented on by thousands of people outraged that such an important environmental message wasn’t allowed to go to air.
It showed up on my twitter feed. I thought to myself, unless everyone commenting on this is a vegan, do they not see the hypocrisy?
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Happy Caf’s giving Little! #goodeats #veggiesonlythough #donteatanimals

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