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Na dámičku 🤷🏽‍♀️🍺 #fridaymood#dontdrinktoomuch#jednomalečapované

Ni mi infancia, ni mi vida hubieran sido las mismas sin ti. Le doy gracias a Dios por darme la oportunidad de compartir mi vida contigo amada hermana. Muchas felicidades ex vision. I love you ❤️ #dontdrinktoomuch

Happy 21st birthday to this goof ball! I love you Austin. #21stbirthday #dontdrinktoomuch

Happy Birthday Rabss!!!!Thank you for being my all time Tv show buddy,I cant wait to watch game of thrones season 7 together and play that drinking game😂.Hope you have an amazing time and a better year ahead!!❤🎂🍾 #Dontdrinktoomuch #Goafam #Onetreehillforever 🤣 #Mashbook


Happy 21st birthday to my big bro the one and only Nigga who had my back since day one I can't say thank you enough but i j wanted to say i love you big bro and imma always be here for u just like u always be here for me be safe out there bruh cuz if u die imma have to kill somebody but enjoy being legal... And follw big brody @10lettaboogie #hesfinnabturnt #dontdrinktoomuch #dontturnupwithoutme

Welcome two new international bartenders on the board) #dontdrinktoomuch #becareful

Wahre Freundschaft heißt nicht Unzertrennlichkeit, sondern getrennt sein zu können, ohne dass sich etwas ändert❤🌍
#meinkleiner #bestfriends #wishyouonlythebest #andalotofalcohol #dontdrinktoomuch


Happy 21st birthday to this goof ball! I love you Austin. #21stbirthday #dontdrinktoomuch

This morning something woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep. Looked at my phone and it was 2:06 AM. Weird coz that's what time you came into this world 22 years ago. Funny how life works sometimes. You are 22 today and I can't be anymore happier on seeing you grow into the man that we raised and hoped you to be. Many more life struggles and accomplishments ahead of you and all I can say and what I always say is focus on the positive side of things and always remember to have a kind heart. It goes a long way. Love you babe! Happy 22nd Birthday Justin!! #justinedward #birthday #motherandson #mamasboy #concepcionclan #dontdrinktoomuch

Can someone please explain to me how my baby brother is 21 today? Also, how in the hell did he get so tall? 🙈 Happy Birthday Boo-Boo Bear. ❤️ you @intoxisnowman 😘 #happybirthday #babybrother #twentyone #21stbirthday #duluthmn #dontdrinktoomuch

Cảm ơn loài người đã nghiên cứu cho ra thứ thức uống tuyệt vời này....
#beer #corona #coronabeer #relax #relaxing #night #l4l #vsco #vscocam #drink #dontdrinktoomuch #🍺

Всем привет! 🙌 На связи Аня 🙋🏽 Не знаю, как у вас, а у меня выдались весёлые выходные 😜, поэтому я подготовила для вас соответствующий Word List 🍸🍹🍻🥂
Поставь лайк 💜 если любишь веселиться 😉
💬- I had one cocktail, here is my $10. / Я брал один коктейль, вот мои $10. - No, keep your money, it's on me this time. / Оставь свои деньги, сегодня это за мой счет. ✔️
💬- Look at her. She’s trying to drown her sorrows. / Посмотри на нее. Она пытается утопить свои печали. ✔️
💬- Bartender, another round of drinks for us, please! / Бармен, нам еще по одной, пожалуйста! ✔️
💬- Kevin, why don’t you drink some, too? / Кевин, почему бы тебе не выпить тоже? - I’m the designated driver today. / Я за рулём сегодня. ✔️
💬- Attention, please! I’d like to make a toast! / Тишина, пожалуйста! Я хочу сказать тост! ✔️
________________________________________________________Tell me about your weekend in the comments 👇А как проходят ваши выходные, друзья? Напишите мне на английском, let's chat!
#sayyeswordlist #vocabulary #dontdrinktoomuch #английскиеслова

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