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Going to miss this midget when she leaves this Thursday to serve a full-time mission, thanks for setting a good example to all of us cousins we love you heaps ❤️ #sistermailangi #lds #rwh #dontcountthedaysmakethedayscount

I'd like to give a special s/o to self timer for making this pic possible #dontcountthedaysmakethedayscount

"Faith... It does not make things easy, it makes them possible." Luke 1:37

These peeps have kept me super busy the last two days, swimming, bonfires, smores, dirtbikes, movie's, crafts, baseball games, piggin out on pizza, popcorn and Panera, glow sticks all around with plenty back flips thrown in there too...best of all hearing the giggles, seeing the smiling faces and making the memories together! There is literally a wait list for sleepovers at our house now lmbo!
#peterspeeps #mygingergang #tobelittleagain #summermemorymaking #dontcountthedaysmakethedayscount

Happy St.Patricks day to my love @namasteandshit and to the rest of ya clovers...missing Ireland 🇮🇪 and all that soda bread!#dontcountthedaysmakethedayscount

This is my escape from reality, my distraction from negativity and my illusion to the thought of not progressing every day. 💫
#dontcountthedaysmakethedayscount #JVFITNESS
Repping @musclenationofficial

I am so grateful I was able to attend this BLUE trip along with one of the best group of people I could ever know and meet to probably the most amazing community to have my first BLUE experience in. I went on this trip thinking I would help the people of this town learn the importance of sanitation and having dignity, but instead I came out of this trip having been reminded of things I had forgotten. Although this trip wasn't a religious one I will say that it reminded me of Junior retreat and brought back the idea of Kyros or living on God's time. Instead of counting every second and minute of everyday and stressing over things we should take in everything each day has to offer. To my new group of sisters don't forget to #liveinthemoment #dontcountthedaysmakethedayscount 💕💕


You know the days when it's all about #therapy ?? Me today. Everyday can't be rainbows and sunshine, although I wish they were. #legday#gymtherapy#golift
#HIIT on the bike, then home and filled the belly with a bison burger and sweet potato. Goodnight all 😘

Sat in bed, calling for #mymainmanpoppado for a good five minutes & then panicked when he didn't come bounding up the stairs for an early morning prework snuggle, only to realise the little cutie patootie is already upstairs & back under the covers. 😍💙🐶 He melts my insides. •

Trying to not count these final days, but make the days count. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #mybeauties #dontcountthedaysmakethedayscount #terrier #terriersofinstagram #travelprep #timewithmybabies

Yup I wore converse because who doesn't like living life on the edge 😂 Today I start my new job and another few things in the pipeline for the next few weeks! Nervous but excited. Driven and motivated! So make your Monday count! New week, fresh start, smash them goals! Now, not tomorrow! 👍🏻

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