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People ask me if I will start group sessions, the answer is no. A weight loss journey is very individual like your personality, I could give a group general advice but that is where it would stop. Because everyone is so different their weight loss journeys are also different. Not everyone will benefit from the same advice especially as weight loss is as much a mental journey as physical (if not more). I wouldn’t dream of asking people to stand up In front of others to weigh in, who gives a crap what everyone else is weighing your you and your body will work for YOU!! You can’t compare to anyone, it’s your journey and you have to do what works for you. #induvidual #dontcompareyourself #yourjourney #slimmingclubsdontwork #noteveryonewillcanfollowthesamediet #investinyou #yourworthit #stopdietingstartliving

"Don't compare yourself"
Rattle ya dags 2009❤
(one of the things I love about Dani is the way she says her name 😍) #daniellecormack #greatadvice #dontcompareyourself

Learning to knit hats has been rewarding, challenging, exciting (to finish) and frustrating. This is the first hat I ever knit. Im showing it because we all start somewhere. This is a crooked, wonky, not exactly to pattern (because I messed up and didn't know how to undo my work without starting over) men's beanie. So, it has many different tensions which make it bumpy and lumpy. But it's mine and I love it!! There are many beautiful pieces out there and this isn't one of them. But one day, I'll be good. I'll be really good. Because I'm not going to quit. So this silly, wonky, too small, loose and droopy Pom Pom'd beanie did not end up doing her pattern justice at all.. but if you want to make a men's ribbed beanie I recommend @handylittleme 's pattern! Yours will probably come out correctly. 😂😂 Thankfully milas hat came out great so I must be moving in the right direction #lionsbrandyarn #cilantro #knittersgottaknit #firsthat #hotmessofyarn #dontquit #makermama #knittersofinstagram #dontcompareyourself #justkeepworkingatit #somedayillbegoodatthis #gottastartsomewhere #charlestonsc #whyisitsocold #itsthesouth

it's sad how there are people in this world that can give you so many insecurities and make you feel so worthless, to a point where you feel like you just wanna give up and run away from this crazy world. I'll never understand how this thing we call society works. #useyourselfasmotivation #onestepatatime #believeinyourself #fucksociety #beyourself #dontcompareyourself #awkwardpose #mycalvins #aimnsportswear

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Far too many times I hear ladies compare themselves to others they see. I really try to break this cycle in my fitness groups. It’s so unfair and unhealthy.
You can’t compare yourself to someone else. You don’t know where they are in their journey. You don’t know how long I’ve been working on themselves.
Yes, I’ve had 4 kids. Yes, I’m in great shape- probably the best of my life. BUT, I’ve been working on me since 2012, and guess what?
I still have loose skin. There are still things that jiggle when I run, and you know what? That’s life- and I will never again subject myself to looking at another woman and comparing our progress.
Instead, we need to cheer each other on and life each other up. It’s hard enough out there without the constant comparison. Let’s love who we are and focus on self-care❤️

Addictions help distract, help numb and help remove us from facing pain, painful emotions and dealing with our current reality. From drugs to food to excessive partying. I believe that addictions stem from a lack of love, a lack of self worth and a lack of connection. I have spoken to so many people who have had traumatic childhoods or suffered the most horrific history and the one thing we are never told by society is that we are enough as we are, or that our past doesn't have to dictate the future. Society or maybe more accurately we label people making them a product of their past or their past environment. So many people allow themselves to be limited by other peoples perceptions of them. I just want you to know you don't have to allow your past to influence your future. I wonder if we taught children to value themselves and know their worth is innate how different the world would one day be.
I wonder how connected we would all feel if we knew how many people felt a similar way to us. Last year I worked with a small group of women with mental health problems, they taught me so much and their strength to be vulnerable and speak honestly and openly about how and why they felt a particular way help them realise that they were not alone. Social media is amazing and it's power phenomenal however so many people make up story about others based on limited information, it's easy to have a highlight reel what I have seen is so many people don't know how healing authenticity is, it's connecting it's soul food, be honest say how you feel. To heal things you have to feel addictions numb they stop all feeling. So the next time your about to eat your feelings or whatever your unproductive behaviour is stop think about what your avoiding think about why your doing it. Ask yourself if you really love yourself and knew your worth and value and your liveability would you behave the same?! #knowyourworth #addiction #additcted #selflove #selfcare #dontcompareyourself #selfesteem #feedyourmind #nourishyourbody #fuelyoursoul #TheFoodRemedy

regram @doodloholics Just love the real you and don't care if anyone says you're not worthy coz deep inside even in the darkest times you know you are worthy and people who actually matter know that too.
Comic Credits:- @itsmaeril .
#ignorethehashtags #relate #relatemuch #relatable #doodle #draw #drawing #drawings #illustration #illustrator #illustrations #digitalartists #digitalartist #digitalart #art #artist #artists #sketch #sketches #sketching #sketchbook #doodle #comic #alltehcomics #love #happiness #dontcompareyourself #loveyourself ##mentalhealth

The only person to beat is our own self.

Don’t believe everything you see 👀 on social media guys.. -
Are these photos real? Yep 💯 percent - taken today with my iPhone at gym.. BUT..
These photos don’t show you..
💥All my stretch marks..
💥My man boobs..
💥My love handles..
💥My loose skin.. -
These photos are taken with deceiving angles, good lighting, etc.. -
I consumed a lot of carbs before my training session which made my muscles look full today.. Also, my muscles look much bigger when I’m training them.. -
THIS is not what I look like normally, it’s not what I look like when I wake up, it’s not what I’ll look like when you see me next.. -
These photos will not show you the ups and downs, the times I nearly gave up, all the mistakes I made, etc.. -
Don’t let unrealistic photos or photoshopped images discourage you - your progress will take time, be patient and stay consistent..

Appreciate the people who’ve supported you from the beginning. The ones that encouraged you, referred you and most importantly the ones that spoke of you in the most positive way...no matter who they were talking too or what the conversation was about. #therealmvp #sickofbullies #thegoodquote

When you realize that your future is in front of you but you still wanna say goodbye with your past 🙋🏻‍♀️#alhamdulillah #bismillah #grateful #instagood #instamood #instadaily #beyourself #beyou #dontcompareyourself #loveyourself

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