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Beautiful change on the horizon. We are embracing and living our words... its all about love, kindness, friendship, peace, balance, freedom to liiiive! Stay tuned to see how we’re letting go of what we’ve been holding on to......

Do not be defined by someone elses story. Thats their story, their interpretation not yours! They are telling you about themselves and their own personal experiences. I applaud those who have the courage to look at themselves and their own circunsrances first before pointing, blaming and projecting onto others! When we see ourselves less than perfect, we are compassionate to others. Stay happy, joyful and grateful. What we desire falls into place when we make happiness a priority. Find what makes you happy and do more of that. Whats your priority and what will you choose? #innerpeace #letthemtalk #focusingonwhatihave #projecthappiness #mindset #gratitude #dontbuyintoit #perceptiondeception

Dr. Patricia Weerakoon - Sexologist. What an honour it is to hear this intelligent and gracious woman speak for a second time. #sexologist #saynotoporn #healthybrain #healthymind #dontbuyintoit #theresanotherway #popupblocker

Make your why bigger than your excuses. I’m always on back up mommy duty but that doesn’t stop me from striving to achieve my goals. This beauty is one of the biggest reasons i work so hard to be a strong woman and positive influence for my nieces, i want to be the best auntie i can be and just because it was a last minute take me didn’t stop me from staying on track. #dontletyourwhybecomeyourwhynot #whatsyourexcuse #dontbuyintoit #whydidyoustart #whatsyourwhy #howbigisyourwhy #isitbigenough #motivationmonday

Well, it's that time of year. Weight loss commercials everywhere, diet shakes on the shelves in the store, and the NEW YEAR NEW YOU slogans out in full force.
As someone who has recovered from an eating disorder and learned a great deal about living a healthy lifestyle, this time of year makes me cringe. As if we are not good enough because we ate a little extra over the Holidays or gained a few pounds and we need to transform into a new person!
Fad diets encouraging us to cut out this and that and drink water to make you feel full. It is so frustrating to see people buy into that nonsense. Yes. Nonsense. Of course this is only my opinion of course.
Being fit and healthy and doing it the right way doesn't change January 1st. It always stays the same. Eat well, not restricting calories, not avoiding entire food groups, and staying active. You are more important than a a size.
Yes, it's ok to have goals for yourself in 2018, but make them realistic and sustainable.
You can do a crash diet and see immediate results. Anyone can. But can you maintain that?? Probably not.
Are people remembering to learn to love and accept themselves before going on these crazy diets? Is that mentioned in all the weight loss commercials? Not likely.
I love me. Five pounds lighter or five pounds heavier. I don't do New Year New You diets. I do what I always do. Take care of my mind and body ALWAYS❤
#dontbuyintoit #takecareofyourself #liveahealthylife #faddietsdontwork

What happens to Christmas spirits if you leave them out past New Years. So sad. #deadspirits,#deadcomercialism, #newhope, #dontbuyintoit

Perhaps over the Christmas break you ate too much, drank too much, exercised less and now you feel that you should do a detox. Either buy some expensive detox ‘system’, supplement, or shake. Or make your own detox concoction with cayenne pepper and maple syrup or some other bullshit. STOP!! .
Let your body take care of your ‘detox’ while you simply drink more water, reduce your alcohol intake, get back to eating in moderation, and increase your exercise. It’s as simple as that. No fads, no bullshit 👍
#truthbomb #cutthecrap #detoxesaredumb #dontbuyintoit #justafad #stayactive #eatinmoderation #takeabreath #fittipoftheday #fitinfitness #stayhydrated #getyourwaterin #fitpreneur #fitnessandhealth #popfitness #popfitnessyyc #sayitlikeitis

Best detox??? Your body is incredible at “detoxing”. It’s called pooping and sweating! Best ‘detox diet’ = regular exercise, eating more veggies, 🍎 and healthy fats, lean meats, some grains and drinking more water! - Chris Mohr
If you’re considering buying a ‘cleanse’ or ‘ detox’ save your 💵. The only thing being cleansed is your wallet:)
#saveyourmoney #sweatlife #dontbuyintoit #sustainablelifestyle #livewelleatwellbewell

Happy holidays here’s too the most commercial day of the year #dontbuyintoit #australia #boomerang

Don't let these corporations tell you that you aren't good enough. #wakeupamerica #staywoke #dontbuyintoit

When times are tough the temptation to give up is sometimes overwhelming 😰 remember that you are not your outer circumstances, you are not the manifestation we see and feel.. we are the creating energy behind the manifestation. Constantly moving and changing. You are your light that you carry inside. This is your true identity 🌟 what use is that knowledge when you feel just lonely and in total despair? Well, initially it won't make much of a difference really. There is no magical switch that you can flick and feel better.. but if you remember that you are light, you can use this light as a beacon that will guide you home. Home to your true self. From this place you can draw strength and courage to make necessary changes and continue your journey in this play of life. 🌏💖👣 #weareallinthistogether #rememberyourlight #bekindtoyourself #youarealwayswholeandcomplete even though life's circumstances can suggest otherwise #dontbefooled #dontbuyintoit

To clarify a pretty well-misconstrued law, in the United States (where I live) there is no registry or certification for service dogs, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act that gave us our rights as teams. Please keep that in mind whenever you see a service dog in public - if it has a “registration” card, chances are that it is most likely NOT a real service dog.
#servicedog #servicedogregistry #servicedogregistriesarescams #registeredservicedog #certifiedservicedog #servicedogsofig #kantitheservicedog #dontbuyintoit

We love venting our point of views to each other about life and freedom of the system to each other lol, it gets us going and on our way! 🌌🌌🌌👽🌅🌄💚💙 we vibe the same most of the time 💓
#freeyourself #husbandandwife #fuckthesystem #unfuckyourself #letgo #fakebullshit #partners #dontbelievethelies #seekyourself #seektruth #dontbuyintoit

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