Seeya Sagey!
Yr 12 Ski Trip 2018!
#Nz #Queenstown
#DONTBREAKALEG @sagelynnepeters

Soooooooooo I had this idea. I signed up for adult soccer. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Why? I never played . Actually never really played any sports. Does dance count as a sport ?
Adult team ages 30 and up. At least I thought it said that ?
Nope not the case. Nopeeeeeeeee

Never played and everyone was 20 something. Expect for my coach who is 55. I’m 41 I definitely felt 41.

But hey I didn’t die. I’m standing and I did something I’ve always wanted to try.
Probably not the smartest thing I’ve done. Today is the day after and for some reason it hurts to walk and sit. 🤷🏻‍♀️ hmmmm whoops.

Voices in my head during the game—💭 please don’t kick it to me please. Omg. Omg is it done yet? How many minutes ??? So now I remember why I didn’t play sports. I’m gonna barf💭 🙋🏻‍♀️My kids need to teach me for next week. Because I have to go back. Right ? I need to set a good example. I guess 🤨

Michael supported me. He really wanted to watch to make sure I didn’t get hurt. 😳❤️. Never too late to try something new! Don’t worry if you look stupid. It’s very entertaining to others!

❄ 27yr old lady trying to make the most of the second half of the snowboarding season, she got some new boots and complained she lost all sensation in one of her toes. No pain - just numbness.
❄The boots were proffesional fitted and resized so it was correctly fitted. During the assessment it was discovered that she has chilblains in the family, and after some joint investigation she actually did feel some pain. Turns out it was a bit of nerve irritation caused by the new boots that weren't worn in properly. .
❄ We had a week to sort things out before her next snowboarding trip, so we applied some laser therapy to eliminate the mild swelling around her joints, and applied a dome to spread her toe bones apart and give the affected nerve some relief. .
🏂She came back today stating the numbness had disappeared, and her toes were feeling good again! Pain symptoms were definatley reduced which is a good sign of progress! I've given her some minimal insoles for her snowboots using the same method used we trialled er shoes. We discussed other ways she could help herself while she's out there too because chilblains isn't the best when you have other issues to deal with in your feet!
🚘 Well, she's off early tomorrow morning to the snow fields, so we'll catch up soon to check on how she sent this time. #dontbreakaleg!
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What a weekend celebrating this beautiful bride to be. Can’t wait to stand by your side as you marry the man of your dreams. #happilyeverpatterson #cocoloco #dontbreakaleg #getplasted #edlovesme

one of my most favorite things about our house is this tree in our backyard and thanks to @hearthsong they can now climb it! #boysandtheirtree #sullyandmurph #getoutside #climbatree #dontbreakaleg #brothers #myfamilytreece #momofboys #motherhoodunplugged

Awesome news for RESPA. Silver in Freefly A for the Titans and Gold in 8 way for M8way. Well done all!

Going away party take two. No broken bones so far. #dontbreakaleg #newlifewhodis

Working on my tan and turns at #fallscreek - heaps of snow, sun, and no queues! #grateful #dontbreakaleg #snowboarding

“She was the queen of the outlaws” #catballou #openingnight #dontbreakaleg

Hey girls, that football star is my big brother..... 🤩🥇🏈💥💛🖤🤪 #75 #dontbreakaleg #loveya

Just a couple more hours until our 90's late skate! Commit and let us know if you are coming! We have rented out a whole skating rink for this event. Let's fill it to capacity! See you soon!

TONIGHT is the night! RYA's 90's Late Skate! Make sure you bring a friend or two to hang onto while you skate! Don't be lame and not dress in the best 90's gear...come dressed to impress! There will be games, prizes, and few other surprises. More info just click the link in our bio.

Oh Scotland... your rough nature is making me humble. The Skyrunning World championships’ course is one with mud, rocks and some more rocks 😝 #dontbreakaleg #trailrunning #skyrunning #lifeisbetteronthetrails #scotland #mamores #ringofsteall #highlands

Tomorrow!!!! Who is ready for RYA's 90's Late Skate? We hope you have picked out your best 90's gear and locked in with your skate crew! See you soon!

Do you have your skates dusted off? The count down is on. Only a couple more sleeps until our 90's Late Skate. $5 at the door! More info click link in our bio!

Friday, Friday, Friday!!! Make sure you grab your friends and get to RYA's 90's Late Skate! We have the whole place to ourselfs and we have a HUGE night planned. 11:30pm until 2am. We will see yall in your best threads!!

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