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Throwback Thursday to Ryan's 21st where 1/3 of Betting Advice clearly didn't get the bow tie memo #dontbet

Ascot destroyed the bank 🐎

@bbulldoguinho lost a bet and had to pay up the hard way. This friendship is very competitive. #dontslip #dontbet #sedona #toocoldforthis

Losing a bet #dontbet

A promise is a promise! I told Nolan if he learned Black Bird by the Beatles I would give him $100! That joker learned it in a month...smh! Very proud of you buddy! I threw in a football just cause... Above and beyond what you ask or imagine! Love you very much! #dontbet #outahundo #worthit #lovemykids

Sipping on my champagne, hiding my sore loser face #derbyday #dontbet

This pic was taken before we lost our money, hence the smiles🐎 #theraces #dontbet


Dont support the racing industry. These beautiful creatures don't deserve that life #greyhoundsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #poem#furbaby #dontbet

Ascot destroyed the bank 🐎

Instead of spending your cash betting on the Kentucky Derby today, donate the cash you were going to put down to an ex-racehorse retirement farm. That way you can help the "unsuccessful" 3- 8 year old horses live out the rest of their life on a farm, help them find homes or be moved onto a different career to help keep them from being sent to the wrong people or even off to slaughter.
#KentuckyDerby #DontBet #Donate

Heineken sponsorerer Champions League / Intelbetting drikker Heineken & skriver spilforslag på Champions League🤔 ---------------------------------
Tjek lige ud, hvad der sker hos 👉 @intelbetting 👻👌🏻
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Wonder how many horses will die today in the name of sport?! I for one will not be watching these beautiful creatures be pushed to breaking point just so humans can gamble (This is an old picture so numbers will be higher) #grandnational #horses #dontbet #savehorses

Today is a massive reminder of this as the Grand National takes place 😔😡 #dontbet #gocrueltyfree #banhorseracing #animallover

The above is a picture of wild horses running free, the below are horses being forced to race at The Grand National. Today is the Grand National racing festival at Aintree Racecourse and it's always a very scary and sad day because horses will suffer terrible injuries today, and many will probably lose their lives there today as a result of money and greed. And the saddest thing about it is that otherwise "good" people will pay for this to happen. There are so many reasons to boycott this cruel race. ➡ Last year’s Aintree Grand National Meeting (2016) was the most deadly this century. Six horses died as a result of the 3 days of racing. Despite the authorities stating the race itself is getting safer, the reality is that the Grand National Course remains a significant killer of horses. ➡ Jockeys see horses as “replaceable”.Jockey Ruby Walsh caused a scandal with his comment on the death of Our Conor at Cheltenham: “You can replace a horse“. But his callous remark served only to highlight the widespread attitude within an industry that treats horses as commodities, not as sensitive, sentient animals. ➡ Horses are often drugged to mask their pain and keep them running when they should be resting or receiving treatment. ➡ Horses are made to race when they’re too young. Making horses risk their lives on the racecourse is wrong at any age. But it’s especially heartbreaking to learn that these animals may begin to race when they’re barely more than babies and their bones are not up to the pounding and stress of the track. ➡ To hurt an animal deliberately is illegal in most other circumstances, but riders at the Grand National are actually required  to carry whips – despite the RSPCA’s verdict that “[u]sing whips can cause pain and suffering to the horses” and often makes them run beyond their usual capability, increasing the likelihood of accidents. ➡ Around 1,000 horses from the racing industry are killed in slaughterhouses in Britain every year, to be turned into dog food or horsemeat. Other horses may face horrific live export to Europe.... We aren’t that different from them. We all feel pain and we all love. We all deserve freedom. Please don't bet. Choose love ❤

[PLEASE READ] Don't support the Grand National this weekend! Betting on this cruel race keeps it going year after year. If in the Olympics for example, several athletes broker bones during the 3,000m steeplechase, the event would either be dropped or the course altered. There is nothing like the same concern for horses' welfare shown in the National.
Yes these horses are bred for racing & speed, but this means they are required to operate way above the capacity of their bodies' skeletal strength to achieve these ridiculously high fences/hedges. The course is so demanding that, over the last decade, only 36% of the horses have actually been able to finish the race.
The argument that they enjoy it... horses are herd animals, out of instinct they will try to follow the leader or that is what they have been trained to do and therefore do it out of fear of being whipped to death.
This is no different to the barbarities of cock-fighting, dog-fighting or bear-baiting. By betting, you are supporting this. .
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