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This was about an hour ago, but we're getting there !! @simonzter is the artist behind this amazing piece 👏🏼 #hurtswaymorethanithought #dontbeapussy

The @aphrodite.games 2017 is over! 🇨🇾✌🏻️😊 finished 7th place overall in a really strong field with many great athletes! It was a pleasure and honour for me to compete next to you 🙏🏻😇💪🏻
It was a really cool event like last year, the programming (@coach.laz 👌🏻😜) , judging, timing and everything else was on point ✅😊 thank you everybody who made this weekend so special! thank you to everybody who supported me during the time 🙏🏻😇💪🏻 and of course big thanks to my sponsors @nike , @niketraining , @northernspiritcf , @fittastecom , @compexinfo & @foodspring ! And last but definitely not least huge thanks to my coach and partner in crime @vivi_kutter 😇😘👌🏻 #CrossFit #BuiltByVivi @vivi_kutter #Nike @nike #NikeTraining @niketraining #Compex @compexinfo #Fittaste @fittastecom #NorthernSpirit @northernspiritcf 📸: @rxdphotography

Друзья, в списке наших брендов пополнение!
RIPNDIP - бренд не нуждающийся в представлении. Доступны худи, футболки и конечно же доски!

#odddays #ripndip #lordnermal #dontbeapussy

Ok... here it goes... This is everything you need to do the Smashin Greens Juice Fast. This is a 5 day fast. This is designed to rapidly cut body fat (not water weight) and push you mentally. There are a ton of great benefits from fasting (Google them). Start each morning with a raw one multivitamin, just one a day. Each of the containers of powder (wheatgrass, Spirulina, Maca, green superfood) come with a scooper. Just pick one and put a scoop of each product into your 20oz shaker cup. Add 20oz of water. Add 1 stick of strikeforce (this is the best way to mask the taste and helps give you energy) With every shake take a Chlorella tablet. That mixture of products is one shake. You are allowed to have up to 4 shakes made like that a day. You can also have two frog fuel protein packets only if you workout. You can have coffee if you must but it has to be black. No sugar or cream. You can have as much water as you want throughout the entire fast. That is it. You can not eat any food or drink anything else. It is that simple and that cut and dry. Do not ask me if you can substitute this or that or whatever. This is the Smashin Greens Juice Fast. Do it this way or do it your own way.. If you want to put a piece of pizza in a blender and hot dogs and orange juice or whatever, go for it...That's your fast, your rules. You can buy most of these products at your local vitamin shoppe or online on Amazon.com. You can buy the @strikeforceenergy at strikeforceenergy.com and use promocode MITCH20 and save 20% on your order. You can buy @frogfuelactual at frogfuel.com (I don't have a simple promocode to give you for the frog fuel, sorry). You can buy the @masf_apparel shirts, shaker bottles and more at MASFapparel.com (link in bio) If you stick to this fast I guarantee you will learn something about yourself and lose a good amount of weight and body fat! I will be doing this again sometime before my next fight (October 14th) if you'd like to join me, get your supplies soon. It is hard, not impossible. Don't be a pussy and remember that mindset is everything! 💪🏼🐸👊🏼#SmashinFrog #SmashinGreens #JuiceFast #DontBeAPussy #MindsetIsEverything

Badass weekend with the homies🤘🏼🤘🏼 can’t wait to go back ⚔️💯🚲🤙🏼 #dontbeapussy #shred #slay⚔️ #djgang

When you fall you got to get back up and do it!! #dontbeapussy #skateboarding #nightmareflip #nevergiveup

Chill day killing myself on a 70 foot bridge! Yewwwwwwwwww! #PHAT #sendit #dontbeapussy

Maximize your Broad Jump
4 Sets
1x5 seated box jumps (onto 30" Box)
Rest 3min
1x5 Seated Broad Jumps .
This complex teaches you to jump up and out for the broad jump rather than just out. Box should be a height that puts you at or just above a parallel squat position. Do this 2x a week for 2-3 weeks

Careful Berlin, gonna have some crazy nights together💣💥💛
#fullmoon #berlin #tbt #partymode #dontbeapussy


For when I'm thinking about pussing out. #starttheworld #trainforhonor #dontbeapussy

FAKA MET JULLIE, ER IS EINDELIJK IEMAND ( IK ) DIE SCHIJT HEEFT OM IEMAND TE EXPOSEN EN JULLIE STUREN MIJ HELEMAAL NIKS, alvast Slaaplekker iedereen, alles wordt anoniem gezet dus je bent save met mijjj. Stuur ze binnen ❤️ ik leef voor saus #dontbeapussy

Careful Berlin, gonna have some crazy nights together💣💥💛
#fullmoon #berlin #tbt #partymode #dontbeapussy

Badass weekend with the homies🤘🏼🤘🏼 can’t wait to go back ⚔️💯🚲🤙🏼 #dontbeapussy #shred #slay⚔️ #djgang


When you fall you got to get back up and do it!! #dontbeapussy #skateboarding #nightmareflip #nevergiveup

I’ve lived an interesting life... a tough life but that’s okay because it’s made me, ME. And that’s pretty cool because I use to be soft. And fuck being soft. It hasn’t made me too tough - like, I’m still a nice dude but at least now I have it in me to stab you 97 times without pause and certainly without remorse... ya know... should the situation ever arise. Stay deadly, my friends!! #dontbeapussy #usmc #hardtokill

We men have learnt that resilience is staying 'stoic' and never showing that anything affects us. •

While this CAN be true in part, accepting that as gospel is fucked.
Shutting off benefits no one. Listening to how you respond to something and acting accordingly takes wisdom. •

Can you face what comes at you and respond based on what serves you, as opposed to reacting based on not wanting to look 'weak'?

The new @roguefitness Ohio Power Bar is doing wonders for all of my lifts. In the 2 1/2 years I've been doing deadlifts I've never drawn blood on my hands. I fortunately have kept that routine going. However I will say the new bar definitely challenges my grip strength.
Gains are coming fast.
#deadlifts #farmhands #naturallifter #idontneedstraps #justneedchalk #bigthingstocome #dontbeapussy #noneedforroids #pullpower #backstrength #legdrive #roughhands #provincials2017 #CPU #OPA #ilikeorangejuice

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