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#wearedc self-portrait submission from Lisa
Conceived at: Monash IVF
Born: 1982
Location: Victoria, Australia
Active on: AncestryDNA, GEDmatch

Personal message:
I have known for almost 10 years that I was Donor Conceived. When I first found out it was put to the back of my mind and it wasn’t until I had children of my own that I wanted to learn more. Being Donor conceived is a blessing and a curse for me. A curse because I feel like half of me is missing, I never felt like I “fit” in my family and now I know why and knowing I am not related to my social father in anyway is a blessing. #donorconception #donorconceived #donoroffspring

Oh hi, it's me 😺🇨🇦🇺🇸
Conceived in: Toronto, Ontario
Born: 1980
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Active on: 23andMe, AncestryDNA

Personal message:
Discovering I'm donor conceived (at 35!) was one of the most profound moments of my life. Suddenly, it was like the knob on my worldview was brought into focus and everything made sense. The disclosure changed nothing about how I see my family, but it did incite a fundamental shift in my identity—and open my eyes to the complex realities of donor conception. #wearedc #donorconception #donoroffspring #donorconceived

#wearedc self-portrait submission from Mary
Conceived at: Xytex Corporation Augusta
Born: 1995
Location: Macon, Georgia, USA
Active on: 23andMe, Donor Sibling Registry, GEDmatch, Known Donor Registry

Personal message:
I found out I was donor conceived when I was 10. I’ve become more interested in learning more about my biological relatives in the last couple years. I know I have at least 5 half siblings (by calling up and asking Xytex), but have never been in touch with any of them despite several attempts and being a part of various internet communities. I want misunderstandings about donor conception to be put to rest by having it become more normalized (but not romanticized) in the media. Like many DCs, I have mixed feelings about the program itself. #donorconception #donorconceived #donoroffspring

Self-portrait submission from An in Belgium 🇧🇪 Conceived at: Private practice dr. Becq in Halle
Born: 1987
Location: Antwerp (Belgium)
Active on: Family Tree DNA, GEDmatch, Donorkinderen

Personal message:
I found out I was donor conceived at the age of 25. It was my doctor who told me, not my parents. I always felt a bit lost growing up, didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. At first the news came to me as a shock but it explained also a lot. Five years later, I have two wonderful kids and I’m looking for the resemblance which everyone else seems to see but me. It feels like having kids really made me realize the importance of genetics. I recently started a blog about my search (in Dutch). #donorconceived #donoroffspring #dnatesting #findingfamily

#wearedc self-portrait submission from Jasmin, founder of the Danish DC Network!
Jasmin Sommer Alsholm
Born: 1978
Location: Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen Denmark
Active on: GEDmatch, MyHeritage, donor conceived Facebook groups

Personal message:
I found out I was a dc person when I got cancer at 30 years old. I grew up in a normal mum/dad family. I found a half sister four years ago, but am still looking for that missing piece of my biology and fighting for dc children’s right to know who they come from.
#donoroffspring #donorconceived #donorconception

#wearedc self-portrait submission
Penny Coulter
Conceived at: Lingard Private Hospital Newcastle (now known as GENEA)
Born: 1992
Location: Coffs Harbour NSW
Active on: RUDC, Ancestry DNA, Donor Sibling Registry, Family Tree DNA
Personal message:
I found out I was donor conceived at 24. Two of my three children may have a life-threatening medical condition I likely inherited from my donor. I have been knocking on closed doors trying to have my six known half siblings informed of my medical condition. Unfortunately due to the circumstances, until legislation changes, their life continues to be at risk. I also feel there are emotional repercussions to separating a child from their biological heritage. When I look in the mirror and see features that do not belong to my mother, I wonder who they belong to and wonder how my donor (who was a father at the time of donation) could give away his biological child? Because after all, we are children—not “biological material” as most clinics portray us. We are looking, longing, wondering…can you tell us who we are? #donorconceived #donorconception #donoroffspring

Hi Alice 😀 #wearedc self-portrait submission from Australia 🇦🇺 Alice Muller
Born: 1987
Location: Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Adelaide, South Australia
Personal message:
Hi my name is Alice, I am 29 and live in Adelaide SA. I was told from a young age that I was conceived via IVF but didn’t know that I was donor conceived till I was 14 which came as a shock. I have some information about my donor but no photo or contact information and I don’t know if I have any donor siblings. #donoroffspring #donorconception #donorconceived #wearedc

Welcome the first Kiwi to join the #wearedc gallery 🙌
Conceived: Dunedin Hospital, New Zealand (donor programme run by Professor Wayne Gillett)
Born: 1984
Location: New Zealand
Active on: DCplus, RUDC, Tangled Webs, Worldwide Donor Conceived People Network, FTDNA and Ancestry DNA

Personal message:
I found out that I was DC when I was about seven years old. In my late teens, I began participating in the yahoo group PCVAI. Since then Facebook groups have been hugely important in making connections with fellow DCs, although I was often the only New Zealander and really craved the opportunity to meet others from my own country. After meeting a fellow DC Kiwi in 2015, I co-founded New Zealand’s first donor-conceived support network, DCplus. We noticed that there were limited (to non-existent) support available for DC people in New Zealand and set about creating something ourselves. No. 23 is my donor code. He was born on the 26th of December 1953 and died in 2015. I will probably never know his name. #donoroffspring #donorconception #donorconceived

#wearedc self-portrait submission
Conceived at: Chaleybeate Hospital (Now Spire Hospital)
Born: 1991
Location: Southampton, UK

Personal message:
I found out I was DC aged 13, effectively by accident and under horrible circumstances. It has taken me years to get to a stage where I have accepted the fact that I will, most likely, never find out anything about my paternal family. All I have managed to ascertain about my donor is he is tall, A+ blood type and can roll his tongue. As much as I feel a need to start searching (and for so many years as a teenager literally could not wait to search) I now worry that it is going to bring back up all of the feelings of upset, deceit and injustice that I felt so strongly for so many years growing up. I’d just like to know where I came from. A parents right to have a child is no greater than a child’s right to know their parents. #donorconceived #donorconception #donoroffspring


Hi all. I have written a children's book (3 to 4 yr old) about not having a daddy in the home. It focuses on the fact that all families are beautiful and different and that it is perfectly ok to have no daddy in the home. I have been offered a publishing opportunity with Little Steps Publishing and need a little help with raising the funds for my share of the costs so I have started a Go Fund Me page to assist. Please read my story (the link is in my profile), and donate if you can. It would be greatly appreciated. #donorchild #donoroffspring #childrensbook #allfamiliesmatter #lovematters #childrensbookauthor #justthetwoofus

Donor conceived offspring, siblings, parents has joined Instagram. #donorsiblings #donoroffspring #donorconception #anonymousdonor #cryobank #donorparents #donor

Met donormateriaal verwekte mensen helpen, steunen en juichen elkaar toe in de besloten Donor Detectives Facebook groep. Deze weken wordt er vooral veel gevierd!
Je kunt je aanmelden via de openbare pagina van Donor Detectives NL BE of via het contactformulier op www.donordetectives.nl

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donor has officially served her purpose and time to go to the grave yard 😂#twinjeeps #donoroffspring #jeepgirlsarenotnormalbitches


#IedereenDoetMeeMetFTDNA #donordetectives #donorkind #donorkinderen #belgie #donoroffspring #donorconceptie #familie #dnatest #hetparool #zaaddonor

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