What is there to do in Reno? Stay inside where it’s cool and watch Star Wars... Go for a short drive to Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake to look around... #theforceisstrongwiththisone #donnerpass #donnerlake

🗿Day 4 of the #arcfitnessproject #yogaforcharity challenge 🗿 Feels like I’m in between a rock and a hard plank. 🤣

Powerline V9

A fun little compression line above the white lines boulder. We were planning on doing a full day circuit at Donner, but we ended up spending most of the day getting rained on.

That moment when things are #JustRight

Ill always be there to pick you up when youre down. #donnerpass #donnerparty #sisterbonding #sisterlylove @kristynndaniellee

My happy little camper 🐶 #taibear #donnerlake #donnerpass #views

Road trip !! Donner Pass, #hayabusa #donnerlake #donnerpass #suzuki

What a flashback, Many VW's on Tahoe Donner pass! #donnerpass #volkswagem #throwback I imagine this is what it would look like in the 60's!

As I was walking to class the other day, I started a conversation with one of my classmates. I asked him what seemed like a simple question, but his answer has stuck with me..... "What's your major?" "Business", he replied. "Cool!, I said. "What made you pick that?" "It's safe", he answered flatley...My heart sank. He was maybe 19, and his goal was safe. "What about you?", he asked. "I tried safe once.... it didn't work out." Was all I could say at first. "Now I'm back pursuing something I'm passionate about" was my follow up answer to his question.

The moral to this story

Don't live your life hiding behind "safe'... pursue a life filled with people and endeavors that set your soul on fire and fill you with passion ❤

#mylifeinthebackcountry #tahoe #donnerpass #setyoursoulonfire #passionatelife #dontsettleforsafe #myadvice #nevertoolatetochangedirrection

15-June-18 The last four miles of my section hike. Donner Pass (Hwy 40) to Donner Summit (Hwy 80) ending with a tunnel under the freeway to get to a reststop on the correct side to hitch to Sacramento. I’ve accepted 4 trailhead hitches on this trip, ranging from one mile to 80 miles with a total wait time under ten minutes. Apparently it helps that I wear an approximation of a ranger uniform so drivers pulling into reststops notice me and then notice my thumb.

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