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Chillin' with the #beautyandthebeast producer #DonHahn at Alice Tully Hall! #25thAnniversaryEdition
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Before watching Beauty and the Beast I got the chance to listen in a special panel and met Don Hahn the Producer of both (1991 and 2017) Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. Don Hahn was Super amazing he has been with The Walt Disney Company for so long and truely brings the magic to story telling!!! 🌟✨ #beautyandthebeast #donhahn #disney

Met Don Hahn, producer of the animated classic Beauty and the Beast 🌹😁. #donhahn #disney #beautyandthebeast #thelionking

#DonHahn sharing photos of #beautyandthebeast filmmakers

Backstage with the Lion King cast after a glorious performance/reunion panel! #disney #d23 #lionking #whoopigoldberg #donhahn

This is #DonHahn, the producer of the animated version of #BeautyAndTheBeast. He is also the executive producer for the live-action version coming out in a few days. Read our newest story on the homepage which features his thoughts on the new #Disney film today.

The @gamblehouse documentary is unveiled TONIGHT on @pbssocal !!!
Like the house itself, it's moving and a work of art!

I got to be in the presence of legends, who really are just 6 old kind dudes who love making jokes. I never told them they're my heroes for making my ultimate favorite Disney film for its story and complex characters. But just sitting there and being a sponge, listening to their stories and opinions really was the best day of my life.
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It's funny how, so many year later, new details about our favorite movies just pop out. The most recent case is the timeless classic #TheLionKing, with producer #DonHahn revealing that #Mufasa and #Scar aren't necessarily blood brothers. Hahn justified his case with real-life behaviors from the lions.
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Fala galera Nerdssauros!!!
Diretor do classico O Rei Leão, deu uma entrevista que pode acabar com a sua infancia!!! Confiram!!!
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Here I am at the the Walt Disney Family Museum booth at #D23Expo with THE Don Hahn. How exciting! He was there to announce that the WDFM would have exhibits featuring the art of Glen Keane and then next year, he was curating an exhibit on the art of the Nine Old Men. He was very generous with his time in chatting with fans. I asked him how the artists regard the films post-THE LION KING, and he said that they are proud of them even though they weren't as successful. I asked him this because whenever the artists talk about their films or there are documentaries made, the focus is always on MERMAID, BEAUTY, ALADDIN, and LION KING. @don.hahn however, said that when he did a presentation at a college a few years after THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE opened, everyone wanted to know about that movie, not THE LION KING. The Walt Disney Company focuses on a reputation created from an original box office gross, but these films find audiences from home video. THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE and HERCULES, for example, have huge followings. Perhaps they shouldn't be forgotten at the parks or elsewhere? My eyes are closed in this picture because I'm laughing. Hahn is a very funny man. Right before the picture was taken, I said something like, "It would be my wish that when making documentaries or specials about animation, they would bring up movies from this era and show clips so people get exposure." I may have come off as a little too passionate, and he responded with an obedient, "Okay, I will." #DonHahn #disneyanimation #waltdisneyanimationstudios #emperorsnewgroove #disneylegend

🔺Ouvrez ce magnifique ouvrage et retombez dans la magie du chef d'oeuvre Disney : de superbes images du film sorti au cinéma ainsi que des anecdotes et esquisses autour du dessin animé. A mettre entre les mains des grands et des petits !🔺#labelleetlabete #beautyandthebeast #disney #huginnetmuninn #billcondon #charlessolomon #book #disneymovie #disneyart #donhahn #garytrousdale #emmawatson #danstevens #belle #lumiere #bigben #mmesamovar #waltdisneypicture 🏰🌹📖

✨🏰✨When you can't physically be where your heart is, you live vicariously through your friends😦. Did you ever receive one of those t-shirts that said, "My grandma (substitute any random relative) went to Florida and all I got was this stinkin t-shirt?" 👚From these shirts came the inspiration behind #d23stinkinpicturecontest. I invited all my friends to send me random photos from their time in Anaheim this past weekend. From the photos submitted comes the "best of roll" from D23 Expo, Disneyland, and Disney California Adventure. There's even a few from my glorious weekend in Tennessee (you'll probably guess which). Nope, I didn't stalk the @disneyd23 or @wdfmuseum's instagram feeds. Not at all 😜. Thank you to all who sent me your stinkin pictures. They may have been my only gifts this weekend, but I couldn't have asked for more. I can't stop loving you❤️!!!! @mickeyg66 @jefflipack @disneyjames @zannaland @otisney @leonardmaltin @jessiemaltin @disneyallen @jobber99 @juliaguliavaldez @disneyproject @keithlapinig and last but not least WC.

Here is a sampling of awesome moments from the #D23Expo: I got to see a (museum) exhibit with treasures from the Disney archives, including costumes from all the PIRATES movies, Peter Ustinov's hat from BLACKBEARD'S GHOST, and production drawings from my beloved TREASURE PLANET! I got to see one of my favorite Disney voices (of one of my favorite Disney characters--Meg in HERCULES) three times! I got to see Susan Egan sing "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" (and the crowd went WILD) and sing a medley of songs from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (she originated Belle on Broadway). I got my LION KING Blu Ray autographed by producer Don Hahn. I got see a collection of Disney dresses, including this one Glenn Close wore in 102 DALMATIANS. I got to see legendary Disney animator Mark Henn draw Simba. I got to see Whoopi Goldberg interview Lesley Ann Warren, who started in two of my favorite Disney movie musicals. I got to see Karen Dotrice (Jane Banks from MARY POPPINS) talk about making the film. I got to see Alan Menken share stories and performed his legendary songs (😱). I saw a panel about THE LION KING that included Ernie Sabella (Pumbaa), Jim Cummings (Ed, the groundhog, and dome of Scar's singing), and Whoopi Goldberg. (Not pictured) I got to see a preview of MARY POPPINS RETURNS (amazing), Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Emily Blunt, a bunch of STAR WARS and Marvel stars, including Mark Hamill, Don Cheadle, Laura Dern, Robert Downey, Jr, Chris Hemsworth, and many many others. Friday was awful because of disorganization, long lines, more long lines, and a major gaff. But, the rest of the Expo was magical! #disney #102Dalmatians #whoopigoldberg #theoneandonlygenuineoriginalfamilyband #donhahn #markhenn #thelionking #alanmenken #marypoppins #treasureisland

Always a treat to catch up with Lion King and Beauty and the Beast producer, and fellow Pasadenan, Don Hahn!
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#erniesabella the voice of #pumbaa tells a story about talking with press forbthe #thelionking at the @disneyd23 Expo! #d23 #d23expo2017 #d23expo @don.hahn #donhahn

Day 3 started with a Celebration of the Lion King. Live performance with the original singer of Circle of Life?! Yaaasss!!!

Backstage with the Lion King cast after a glorious performance/reunion panel! #disney #d23 #lionking #whoopigoldberg #donhahn

Last panel of the day: "Yesterday's Tomorrow," which talked a lot about the mid century modern artwork that went through the Disney company in the 50s and 60s. Totally took me back to my #DesignWithinReach days. #d23expo #d23expo2017 #disneygeek #midcenturymodern #mcm #dwr #DonHahn

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