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Χάρισε δύναμη👊🏻🙏🏼✔️ #almazois #donate #donateyourhair @marinalykoudi

Hola mis little potters, todo bien???
Tengo una noticia: ayer tomé una decisión muy importante para mí. Me corté el pelo y voy a donarlo a una Asociación que hace pelucas para niños con cáncer. La de las fotos soy yo. Estoy muy contenta con el corte y la decisión. Publico esto para todos los que se quieren cortar el pelo. Pueden hacer lo mismo que yo... #donatupelo
Hi my little potters, how are you??
I have a notice for you: yesterday I took a very important decision for me. I've had a hair cut and I'm gonna donate it to an Asociation which makes wigs for people with cancer. I am the girl in the pictures. I'm very happy with my hair cut and the gesture. I'm posting this for all the people who want to have a hair cut. You can take my decision too... #donateyourhair

new year, new hair 💇🏼
#donateyourhair #rakandroll

Transformando desapego em doação 😊 #donateyourhair #cabelocresce #doeseucabelo

So I did this last weekend 💁🏻 cut it all off and donated about 28 inches of hair 🤓 i have been wanting to do it for so long, for the past year I have gone through a lot so I wanted a new chapter and start fresh with my hair. Thanks to my husband for encouraging me to do something I've been wanting to do but was too scared to do it, and telling me I'm beautiful either way 😭@izeekm. Hair is just hair and I feel so much happier now that's it's cut 🙆🏻. And thanks to my boos who have seen this change, and sent me love and compliments. Y'all made a girl feel extra beautiful 😘 @ky_gee @_alwayzjesus_ @meganbitchz @nicolevaskz @mizmaryam
#pixiecut #selflove #donateyourhair #newbeginnings #newhair

it doesnt hurt to cut off your long hair knowing you do it for a very good cause #donateyourhair #32cm

When you suck at making these boomerang things and take the necessary measures. I have never made a post about my hair. I suppose many people don't do that anyway. However, I always wanted to try growing it but due to practicality reasons I never made it very far. Then a couple of years ago my sister @annieboo666 cut most of her hair off, which was then donated to an organization that makes wigs for those who are terminally ill ( and lost their hair). In short, I thought that it was a very good cause and a good reason to keep my hair growing. I'm happy being short again though :D if there are guys out there considering growing their hair out, but don't have the balls to, I would definitely recommend them growing it out and donating it. I achieved the length I had in the boomerang thingy in one year and ten months. #donateyourhair #hairdonation


A little obsessed with my new #hairchop @vindyalugoda
Cz it was all #donated
Hoping to put a smile on someone's face 😊
#Goodcauses initiated by #ramanifernandosalons
Just sharing my #happiness , #spreadsomelove make it #contagious 😊

Transformando desapego em doação 😊 #donateyourhair #cabelocresce #doeseucabelo

While brushing my Angelys hair, I said that we should chop it all off and donate it to kids with cancer. Without thinking twice she said let's do it. Thank you @snaclove23 for the gorgeous haircut ❤️💇🏻 #shesbeautiful #proudofwhosheisbecoming #childrenwithhairloss #donateyourhair

Donations are appreciated 🙌. This beauty can feel good about her kindness and her new look! #donateyourhair #pantene #jaie3hair #jaie3salon #jaie3stylistheather #jaie3life

When you cut all your hair off #newhairdo #donateyourhair

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