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Still in disbelief that a racist is the leader of the free world. Don't let it bring your spirit down, keep on pushin everyone.
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Quem fez isto que se identifique 😂😂😂!!!💯🔝🔝🔝.
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Donald "the Turd" Trump.
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Gonna get some shit about this... at least they're only alternate facts, so no one can get too mad about it

"(...)We are already living through the worst refugee crisis since World War II. There are countries in Africa and the Middle East bursting at the seams with refugees. For generations American diplomats have joined the United Nations in urging those countries to keep their borders open, and to uphold international standards on the treatment of refugees. Many do just that with exemplary generosity.

What will be our response if other countries use national security as an excuse to start turning people away, or deny rights on the basis of religion? What could this mean for the Rohingya from Myanmar, or for Somali refugees, or millions of other displaced people who happen to be Muslim? And what does this do to the absolute prohibition in international law against discrimination on the grounds of faith or religion?

The truth is that even if the numbers of refugees we take in are small, and we do the bare minimum, we do it to uphold the United Nations conventions and standards we fought so hard to build after World War II, for the sake of our own security.

If we Americans say that these obligations are no longer important, we risk a free-for-all in which even more refugees are denied a home, guaranteeing more instability, hatred and violence.

If we create a tier of second-class refugees, implying Muslims are less worthy of protection, we fuel extremism abroad, and at home we undermine the ideal of diversity cherished by Democrats and Republicans alike: “America is committed to the world because so much of the world is inside America,” in the words of Ronald Reagan. If we divide people beyond our borders, we divide ourselves."
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Processing. #donaldtrumpSUCKS


"You got to sing into my dick if you want to be a king." ~OneBeerAngel. This Saturday night come support Gnarly Party at Rock City Studios and help us win! Tickets from us are online for 10$ and 12$ at the door the day of! Gnarly Party tonight (Saturday)! @gnarly_party @old_soul_band @thesuntheband @thedjt418 @theredlightdistrictshow #805 #punkrawk #donaldtrumpsucks #gnarlypazarty #420 #thepot #thedevilslettuce #refer #mayonaise

Is it just me or does that mini lemon bundt cake kind of look like Donald Trump? Orange with a bad combover.

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Smh #donaldtrumpsucks 🇺🇸

Last #tbt for today
On 'paper' we have 'done' 5 and a a half years or so....I met you and we have been a part of each others lives since 1992.
Still love you today.
So we are doing okay!
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Would be so much funnier if it weren't so true!

In one ear and out the other...that's about right! 💨

Everywhere we look, our leaders are failing us. #america

Lol who wore it better #donaldtrumpsucks

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