Recording new Bass Covers!
Song: "Time is running out" by Muse.
Youtube link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yn7iK8Bv5I8 .

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I was fooling around tonight, so...
❗ strong language below and, you know, slash❗
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“Dominic” Matt poked him but Dom ignored the gesture. “Dom” Matt frowned. “Dom. Dom!” No reaction. “Dom…” Matt hissed but Dominic has been playing with dog -- with the fucking pug -- for at least four hours and Matt hated every second. He cursed himself for hundred time because he knew, he fucking knew how all this oh so great and vice idea will end up. And he was against it with all his heart. He didn’t want a dog in the house. Why? Because he was in the exact same situation several years ago. He was forgotten, lost, abandoned and left behind with toys and porn and all of this happened because of another one black and white piece of shit, god damn all their kind! Matt loathed the thing. He looked at it and imagined how good it would look as a doormat. Every time the pug took a shit Matt was praying for its eyes to pop out of sockets as in Total Recall. Every day Matt leaved front door open, hoping the nature’s mistake will just go outside and fucking get lost for Matt’s sanity. Other -- mostly bloodlust -- thoughts he tried to suppress because he was afraid he’d do something very, very awful with bloody beast which certainty wouldn’t work as aphrodisiac to Dom. Quite contrary, actually. But Matt was horny as fuck and as if his situation wasn’t bad enough, for their last gigs Dom took the little piece of shit with them. That’s why Matt loved their last tour so much because the pug was left in LA, but now fuck, fuck, FUCK! there was no tour in a long time.

OMG This is so cute 😄😍 from Twitter:liv_cookson

this week got me like


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OH JESUS CHRIST ! @mattbellamy 😱 credit:@muse_historical_society

New pic of @domhoward77 "Floyd made it to England" 😂😂😂 #muse #floyd #dog #dominichoward #animal #cute

Here's dom interview with Alt 105.3 Radio... before headlining the bottlerock napa..
Part 1/3
Q: You've been posting a lot of pictures from the studio recently. I saw you were playing some tribal drums a few days ago.
Dom: Oh, yeah, in the last few days we just recorded another new song. It's going to be on our album, which is coming out at some point. We've been working on tracks this past year. Like chipping away at new songs & ideas between these summer shows. Last week we made a new one that sounded great. It's kind of this tribal, well, different types of percussion - some really cool African percussion, some Japanese percussion, a big tyco drum & we're going to build up this big, tribal influence, or groove of some kind. It's almost a bit like hip-hoppy, as well. It sounds awesome. It's got a big guitar riff on it & we just got to finish that as of last night.
Q: Thank you for coming out here out of the studio so quick. Obviously with "Thought Contagion" & lots of your songs there's political undertones. Will there be any sort of political theme to the upcoming record?
Dom: We're still figuring that out, I mean, a little bit. There's definitely some themes of simulated universes, like what's really real? Is this universe real? Are there multiple universes? Like, what's actually real in our lives & playing with some of those ideas, but we're still working on the themes. We don't really want to go into that too much yet.

Photo by: @fixedmuse

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