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Me and my hot mama... #dominicanmama #drivesmecrazy #love

Yeaaah! I'm so excited! Tomorrow we will start our charity photo project for this amazing people. They live very simple and poor life. But their eyes, their hearts, their self-respect, their hospitality.. Each year we are visiting them. And this year we will start our new charity project - family photos, that we will shoot, print and bring them back. So each of them will have this "family memory". Cause even if you live such a simple life you still are a Human and deserve to be respected, deserve attention. We are lucky to be born in our countries, in our families, to get the good education. And as I think we have to give back to this life, helping people who are not so lucky.

All she wanted was the #DominicanMama 😍😍

When your in law is your homie and the girlfriend is the 3rd wheel #inlaw #homie #mami2 #dominicanmama

You are never too old to get a whoopingfrom your mama. Charlie got beat down.😂😂😂 she was trying to remember how to say a word in english and he was making fun if her! 🤣🤣#mamarules #mamadontplay #dominicanmama #spanglish

Beach and sunset lovin' with this hottie #dominicanmama #dominicanrepublic #sunset @tiffanylake

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Исторические кадры 🙈Первые шаги по Невскому проспекту 🐾

🇷🇺: Наш карибский офис :) Тяжелые трудовые будни 😂🌴☀️ Бэкстейдж со вчерашней мега крутой фотосессии для потрясающей @dashamart. 🇺🇸: Our Caribbean office :) Hard work days 😂🌴☀Backstage from yesterday glamour photo shoot for gorgeous @dashamart


When the golf course is your best training base 😂⛳️🐥

Was just looking through the old pics and found this great one. #baby_yashka is just #7months here but he has already his amazing smile 💫

First time he met TV 📺

Berezka 🍃

My birthday angels at @bekitzer_spb 🐥 @galasidash @dawkind

Finally I've got the scans of films 🎞

Яшон приболел и теперь весь прекрасный Питер у меня ассоциируется с этим фото. Вроде бы близко и так далеко одновременно. Смотрим с ним весь день в окно и грустим. Ещё двое суток домашнего режима и надеюсь, что ему разрешат прогулки.. 🤧🤒🤕

Foot selfie with granite 🐾

Sky is so great today in Saint-P 🌤

Исторические кадры 🙈Первые шаги по Невскому проспекту 🐾

I'm thankful to have such a great mama and even more grateful to spend time with her! I hope all the Mothers today had a well deserved #HappyMothersDay! #Ilovemom #sheisthebest #FelizDiadelasMadres #Iamherfavorite #Dominicanmama #firstborn #lifeisbetterincolor #PhillyMom #bravepretty #Igetmylooksfromher

While your mom is drinking shots at the bar you have a choice to get the best one babysitter ever 👨🏼‍🎤🔥🇨🇦

Happy birthday to my favorite Dominican mama. Thank you for taking care of me and being there for me. I love you forever and always. Hilary for life!😘😘😻✌🏾🌸🌈🌸 #happybirthday #loveyou #dominicanmama #oldiesbutgoodies #merica

Families of my lovely @olga.montilla Such a great pleasure to share happiness of life with lovely people 👪

His eyes are the Universe 🌎#baby_yashka

Learn to see things backwards, inside out and upside down 💡#baby_yashka

I'm sooooo excited!! Just received this amazing book today from Amazon. I grew up at the Hermitage State Museum. My grandmother is working there all my life. When I was a kid, I loved to look the art albums during the weekends at my granny's house 📚Now is time to study the masterpieces for #baby_yashka 🎨

Perfect evening at the @littlejohnbeach with @ndoomco and #baby_yashka 🏝

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