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Me and my hot mama... #dominicanmama #drivesmecrazy #love

You are never too old to get a whoopingfrom your mama. Charlie got beat down.😂😂😂 she was trying to remember how to say a word in english and he was making fun if her! 🤣🤣#mamarules #mamadontplay #dominicanmama #spanglish

Человек-рыбка #детка_яшка 🐠 Из воды вообще готов не вылезать 24 часа 💦 Несколько раз в день душик в тазике 🛁 а вечером обязательное часовое купание в океане на закате 🌅 Скоро начнём ещё и в бассейн ходить. Так что водных развлечений станет ещё больше :) Мы с ним сегодня, кстати, вместе душ принимали. Яшка в тазу, мама рядом 💞 Было весело 😜

When she says yes on the phone,.not you😂😂 #tbt #dominicanmama

All she wanted was the #DominicanMama 😍😍

When your in law is your homie and the girlfriend is the 3rd wheel #inlaw #homie #mami2 #dominicanmama

Beach and sunset lovin' with this hottie #dominicanmama #dominicanrepublic #sunset @tiffanylake

Три месяца в обществе #детка_яшка пролетели как три дня 💞 Однако, настал очередной день рождения нашего парнишки и поэтому ловите уже традиционную фоточку с нашей пелёнкой от @batzkids К концу третьего месяца наш юноша осознал, что он и есть тот самый чувак, что отражается в зеркале, сидя у мамы на руках. Это привело его в дичайший восторг. Ни над чем так не хохотал Яшка так сильно, как над собственным отражением 🐒 Мне кажется, что чувство юмора и умение посмеяться над собой - это великолепные качества и круто, что наш мальчик ими не обделён :)) А ещё Яшка недавно узнал, что у нас в доме помимо человечков живёт собака Балу :) И явно был приятно удивлён 🐶

Love 🌾 photo by amazing @nataliiakoshkalda_dominicana


I'm sooooo excited!! Just received this amazing book today from Amazon. I grew up at the Hermitage State Museum. My grandmother is working there all my life. When I was a kid, I loved to look the art albums during the weekends at my granny's house 📚Now is time to study the masterpieces for #baby_yashka 🎨

Perfect evening at the @littlejohnbeach with @ndoomco and #baby_yashka 🏝

Find Yasha 😂🐒👶🏼

"Я достаю из широких штанин дубликатом бесценного груза. Читайте, завидуйте, я - гражданин Советского Союза." So we did it! 💪🏻 He has his first one passport, my little dominican #baby_yashka 🇩🇴

Today we had an amazing evening and beautiful full of smiles photo shoot with this two little ladies and their lovely mom @katusharomanko 🍃

My mom @simha56 told me that when I was a kid, her friends, going somewhere with her on the trip always asked "and Lisa will go with us?" Because I was kind of center of the company and her friends could easily refuse to go somewhere without me. The same story happens with #baby_yashka 🐣 I'm asked exactly the same question "will be Yasha with us?" I'm SO LUCKY to have my friends. I'm SO LUCKY to see that my #babyboy has already a real and close friends. @littlebearpolly, thanks that you're making him so happy!

Yeaaah! I'm so excited! Tomorrow we will start our charity photo project for this amazing people. They live very simple and poor life. But their eyes, their hearts, their self-respect, their hospitality.. Each year we are visiting them. And this year we will start our new charity project - family photos, that we will shoot, print and bring them back. So each of them will have this "family memory". Cause even if you live such a simple life you still are a Human and deserve to be respected, deserve attention. We are lucky to be born in our countries, in our families, to get the good education. And as I think we have to give back to this life, helping people who are not so lucky.

Hey, girl, let's go for a walk! 🍃#baby_yashka

You are never too old to get a whoopingfrom your mama. Charlie got beat down.😂😂😂 she was trying to remember how to say a word in english and he was making fun if her! 🤣🤣#mamarules #mamadontplay #dominicanmama #spanglish

Even Balu is singing for #baby_yashka "Happy birthday, boy!" 🎉 Can't believe that I'm saying it, but yesterday my baby boy was celebrating his first year on this planet 🌎 Yeaaaaaah!!

Me and my hot mama... #dominicanmama #drivesmecrazy #love

Life is sooo cute, funny and great! Are you ready to have fun as he does?! :) #baby_yashka

Roads. Trips. Babies. Friends. Happy birthday surprise for @littlebearpolly - done! 💥

So much love and so much fun 🍉 almost one year.. Still can't believe.. 🙈 (thank you, Nastya Staritsina, for this great photo 🙏🏻)

Asi como cuando tienes visita y tu madre, Como dominicana al fin, siempre se la luce... 💯 🇩🇴 🎉 #vines #dominicanboy #haitianboy #vinesdominican #vinesfunny #fun #instafun #funny #dominicanmama #dominicanmon #madredominicana #tipico #fun #instafun #witty #travel #traveling #vacation

Time runs so fast. You are #9months already #baby_yashka 💪🏻 The way you're saying "mamamamama" is so sweet 🌸 My boy, keep smiling, keep discovering this amazing world. And remember that you're unique and great dude! Love you to the Saturn and back 💫

I taught her "Ppap" song, and she wants to send a video message to Koushirou in Japan, but she makes it too original 😂💘. She is my Dominican mama, and I always believe I was really born from her!!! lol I'm more A crazy Latin than my host sister. どうしても光史郎にビデオメッセージを送りたいというので光史郎の大好きな歌を教えたのだけど、なんど教えてもオリジナルにしてしまうママ…😂❤️私は絶対この人から生まれたんだわといつも思うのだけど娘夫婦はどん引きw!私のラテンの血はこのママから💋💋💋笑。
#penpineappleapplepen #iloveutoomuch #myhostmama #dominicanmama #videomessage #merrychristmas #iamyourdaughter

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