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Me and my hot mama... #dominicanmama #drivesmecrazy #love

All she wanted was the #DominicanMama 😍😍

You are never too old to get a whoopingfrom your mama. Charlie got beat down.😂😂😂 she was trying to remember how to say a word in english and he was making fun if her! 🤣🤣#mamarules #mamadontplay #dominicanmama #spanglish

When your in law is your homie and the girlfriend is the 3rd wheel #inlaw #homie #mami2 #dominicanmama

#DominicanMama.. Got that foreign!!!

Beach and sunset lovin' with this hottie #dominicanmama #dominicanrepublic #sunset @tiffanylake

I taught her "Ppap" song, and she wants to send a video message to Koushirou in Japan, but she makes it too original 😂💘. She is my Dominican mama, and I always believe I was really born from her!!! lol I'm more A crazy Latin than my host sister. どうしても光史郎にビデオメッセージを送りたいというので光史郎の大好きな歌を教えたのだけど、なんど教えてもオリジナルにしてしまうママ…😂❤️私は絶対この人から生まれたんだわといつも思うのだけど娘夫婦はどん引きw!私のラテンの血はこのママから💋💋💋笑。
#penpineappleapplepen #iloveutoomuch #myhostmama #dominicanmama #videomessage #merrychristmas #iamyourdaughter

Finally I've got the scans of films 🎞

Happy birthday to my favorite Dominican mama. Thank you for taking care of me and being there for me. I love you forever and always. Hilary for life!😘😘😻✌🏾🌸🌈🌸 #happybirthday #loveyou #dominicanmama #oldiesbutgoodies #merica


When the electricity was cut off in your home it's only a sign that it's time to go to the bar with your mom 😎🤘🏼🍸 And it's so great there! At the beach bar @canoa_rd you can run, dance, listen to the rock band, play in sand, make new friends, swing in the hammock, watch the night ocean and stars. Bar is fun even if you are just 1,5 years old boy 🌟

Let's play hide-n-seek, mom 😜

Good night, beautiful island 🌙

Great food is like great sex. The more you have the more you want 🤣 sushi by @sushipower_powerwok_bavaro 🙏🏻

The smell of the rain.

Taking any important decision in your life, even if it's about moving out the right way from the hill on the playground, it's important to listen not only to your brain, but also your heart, your intuition. Always follow your heart. It will never deceive you. And remember that even if you have unsuccessfully moved down from the hill this time, there is always a chance to fix it. Even if you have made the biggest mistake in your life. There is always a chance to fix it. The main is your desire.

When your mom took you to her work 🤣🐥🌟


When you deserve your #spaday thank you, my lovely @julia_espinaln

This smiling guy @caribbeansurfadventure and his wife @julsi777 are the REAL HEROS OF THIS DAY! Thanks to the worry and watchfulness of @julsi777 - it gave the possibility to notice at time that the small girl was sinking at the pool in front of their house. Her life was saved literally by minutes. And the luck that in the next-door apartment there lives a doctor who ran out to screams. Parents, friends, please, be VERY CAREFUL AT THE WATER. Remember, that leaving children without supervision is a huge risk. Even if they know how to swim. Remember, that people are always sink very quietly and imperceptible for the surrounding. They just quietly go under the water.. and that's it..:(

Balu, the dog who is always fighting with others dogs was so kind to invite his new homeless friend to share some water and food 🐾💦🍗 Definitely my boy has a big heart ❤️

Tapping in a dirty puddle - priceless 😂🐷😜 #cameramama #getin52

Вернулась с Кубы. Как сказала моя мама, "вырвалась от коммунистов" 😂
Дома меня ждал Яшон с температурой 39,5.. :((
Весь день на руках, капризничает. Ночью жар.
Временно не работаю ретушёром, а только изредка днём фотографом и максимум времени мамой. Все обработки фото откладываю до выздоровления парня. Прошу понять и не серчать.

Oh, those colors! 🚗🚙🚕

Happy birthday, man with amazing soul and beautiful smile! Keep shining, dear @alixpuntiel!

#DominicanMama.. Got that foreign!!!

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