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I'll admit, I'm territorial when I'm in a commitment relationship. I wouldn't call it being possessive, it's more like an innate desire to protect what's mine. But there's a difference between a territorial dom and a morbidly jealous guy. It's important to recognize the difference.
A territorial dom approaches things like a gentleman. He is secure in himself and in his position as ‘the man’ in the relationship. He stamps his authority quietly. He reinforces your self-confidence in a way that is sexy & sincere. He understands that you are a fucking catch, and that there are guys who still chase after you. But he trusts you and he's secure enough to know that you only have eyes for him & no one can ravish you, make you cum & destroy you in the most beautiful ways the way he can.
For a morbidly jealous guy, the desire to protect is informed by an impulse to respond to his insecurities. He’s always on the defence, always feels threatened. This is unbecoming of a dominant.
The territorial guy has moments where his jealousy streak shows but he has the hindsight to catch himself and walk away before he makes a fool of himself. This means that he won’t talk you down, be violent or throw a tantrum.
If a territorial dom suspects that some other guy has been crossing his territory, he will respond differently than a jealous guy. Here's an example:
Jealous: "I don’t like how Mark looks at you. What’s going on between you two?" Territorial: "Mark clearly wants you. I'll let him know to back off but just be careful when you’re around him."
Or better yet: "I don't care how many men want you, none of them will ever CRAVE you the way I do."

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