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HELP BRING AWARENESS!!TEAM UP & BREAK THE SILENCE!!! The world must see this!! MAKE IT GO VIRAL!! 1. #Repost this image 2. Create a caption for these illustrations 3. Hashtag #Breakthesilencechallenge & #artforacause

one of our brothers in blue was attacked with a samurai sword when attending a domestic violence call. He suffered a fractured skull, two deep gashes in his head and lost a litre of blood. This cops life mattered! He had the right to return home safely to his wife and children! Being a cop didn't make him any less human then we are! His life mattered, all blue lives matter!
#bluelivesmatter #policelivesmatter #cop #police #copsaretops #wapolice #domesticviolence #safe #copsmatter #policematter #love @wa_police @nswpolice @policefederationofaustralia @backthepolice

#fearlessrehearsals #Repost @tomiwale_ (@get_repost)
You know Tim @timgodfreyworld is such a hard working producer. Beyond music, he has this thug in him that believes everyone should do things right, live right. Known him for a number of years now and he would just give me a call to just talk about anything, pushing a subject on me and we just tear it apart. I remember one of his Broadway shows on #DomesticViolence, he called around 11:30pmabd said "guy, everybody just dey promise, dey promise, nothing happen, I go just dey look, day go show, we go do am, we go take photo, people go dey Blessed, we go dey arrange the remaining after"- the tone behind that is on of forced consistency even when nothing is looking promising about what you want to do. News Flash, the Broadway has been a hit back to back. I learnt a lot about that from him.
Today, after a long time of meeting up, we had a little talk on adding small pepper to his plans on pushing the Fearless Concert to the unchurched. Kirk Franklin made me know how to slap a cassette, rewind with a pencil or my little finger and join a broken tape. The struggle was fun. I'm talking about two decades. He was every church boys wonder. He was in heaven as far as I was concerned abd we were on earth 😄. This icon will be having the concert with Tim in a couple of weeks. Trust how much of energy the rehearsal of such will look like! I had a couple of fluids kicking my head while suggesting some things for it. I was a bit in the zone.

Now look at the tall man next to us (@aydoxa), his humility should be studied in Universities. The convener of one of the transformational events in Africa - The Edge. In couple of sentences he got where I was coming from and where I was going. I was shocked mehn, I hardly see that. Lol. His words dripped of authentic ideas that are readily workable. The warmth he pulled earlier today with everyone around showed me a high sense of leadership and it brought a lot, a lot of calm to everyone who might have anticipated some pressure.
It's a Big One happening at this year's Fearless Concert. The music is a lot already.
I'm feeling my face cap game lately- @seyialbert, I'm learning we

O meu projecto "O virar da página" feito em parceria com a @apav_online (entre 2014 e 2015) e produzido em todo o país, está novamente em exposição, desta vez em Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, no edifício dos CTT. Até dia 31 de Agosto. Para mim é muito importante ver o trabalho exposto nos Açores onde mais de 5 mulheres abriram as suas portas e contaram me as suas histórias de violência, e como conseguiram ultrapassar situações tão difíceis. Também é bom ver que a exposição continua a circular todo o país.
My project "Turning the page", developed between 2014 and 2015, is again being exhibited. This time in Ponta Delgada, Azores Archipelago, in espaço dos CTT. It's very important for me to see this work exhibited in a area of Portugal where more than 5 women opened me their doors to tell their stories of domestic violence and other violent crimes, people who were already on the way to a better life, and in order to help other people believing there is an exit for these situations, they wanted there stories to be told. There are around 25 stories in this project from all around Portugal. And it's also nice to see that this project is still going around! The exhibition is on until August 31st.

We are honoured to be showcasing @thewomensquilt at this year's Festival of Quilts.
This quilt commemorates the 598 women who have died as a result of domestic abuse since 2009. This quilt remembers everyone of these women patch by patch. #FOQ2017 #womensquilt

At this point I have learned that the only person guaranteed harmless is a deceased person. Every human being is capable of great evils. Its sad but it's life.~Ray🎧


Find out all the ways you can help protect pets and women of domestic violence with the #PAWSAct! Click link in bio to support and spread the word!Did you know every 9 seconds a woman in the United States is assaulted or beaten? That's more than 4 million women per year! Nearly 1 million animals per year are also abused or even killed in connection with domestic violence. You can help! Make sure you read the blog post and share it!
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💪🏼😈🤙🏼thank you @omalzafitness for helping me regain my strength and prepare for @americasmissworld 💜🏋🏼‍♀️


My first love,
I thought I knew,
I look at you and see only a stranger, who are you the one standing there looking back?
I see that society has changed you into thinking it's okay,
Okay to treat me in an inhumane way,
To raise your hand to me as if your the white man and I'm the slave..... More to come.
#DomesticAbuse #DomesticViolence #SpeakUp #GetInvolved #BeAware #StopTheCycle #Boundaries #Rules #StartTheConversation

How to look for warning signs if anyone is under duress #domesticviolence

You aren't anyone's punching bag 💛

My day job allows me to work on a lot stuff around family violence. Here's some of the documents that I have worked on, and some useful info #domesticviolence

Don't suffer in silence "Speak Out against Domestic Violence, the scars will remain on you forever if you keep quiet! " Hands Aren't For Beating "
#Fabmimi Foundation

Tonight I felt like it was thematically appropriate to attend my #boxing training in my #pikachu #socks. It's genuinely a theme I'll be sticking with in the #fight. Hopefully that has enticed you all enough to buy a ticket. If not, any #donations to #Refuge would need greatly appreciated (there's a link to my #JustGiving page in my bio). #pokemon #nintendo #game #gaming #nerd #happynerd #gamerlife #nerdlife #charity #charityboxing #charityfitness #charityfight #domesticviolence #RefugeCharity #help #fundraiser #fundraising

BTS of my commercial shoot today at @hudsonyardsloft. Hair by @lizbethtapiathehairartist, makeup by @kimbakermua_ from her own line @glamazonbeautycosmetics available at Ricky's. Check out her stuff, she gave me two amazing liquid lipsticks to take home and I'm itching to try them!! #actor #model #nyc #nycdeptofhealth #domesticviolence #domesticabuse #psa #commercial #hayleydath #photoshoot #videoshoot #somanytears

If he tells you that you made him hurt you, torment you, harass you, hit you, or threatening you, it is still abuse.
Only abusers are to blame for their abusive behavior.
No matter what. .

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