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El 10 de Diciembre pasado, despues de la lluvia y durante un colorido atardecer, al darle la espalda al sol pude presenciar un espectacular fenómeno óptico metereológico llamado arcoiris. Casi querendo formar una cúpula sobre la ciudad de San José. Su duración fue de pocos minutos sin embargo logré capturar su belleza antes de que desapareciera.

Beautiful Berliner Dom! 
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📍 Balmoral Island 🇧🇸 Em Nassau são tantas opções de passeio mas nossa escolha foi um day tour para Balmore Island. E não poderíamos ter feito melhor escolha. Uma ilha privativa super exclusiva que conta com piscina, cadeiras, barracas, bangalôs, caiaques e bóias.
Enquanto estiver nesse paraíso um super dj tornará seu dia inesquecível. E para comer você poderá desfrutar de um delicioso churrasco e muitos drinks locais. ⛱💙🇧🇸

Con la ahijada bella #Dome 😍 @nathylasso @abelalban593 👼👸❤


(Day 4/7)

For some people, reaching the top of the mountains is way easier than doing subuh prayer. We seek refuge in Allah from such thing, because Allah has said "Establish prayer at the decline of the sun [from its meridian] until the darkness of the night and [also] the Qur'an of dawn. Indeed, the recitation of dawn is ever witnessed." (Al-Israa, 17:78)

I was nominated by my friend @ratnaanona to post one day one ayat of Quran in my instagram.

Today, I nominate @masyhudapulungan whose name is mentioned in that verse to do the same thing for the next seven days. I hope you will choose a new person every day when you post, so this good deed will be endless.

And here he is all finished and in his Dome Home..Little fellow came out fine and looks a bit uncomfortable in there but he has done a ton of Yoga latley..lol..You will be remembered amongst the Books and Dust...#taxidermy #cabinetofcuriosities #oddities #bunny #rabbit #skeleton #skull #rougetaxidermy #dome #antique #halifax #planb #artworld #art #artwork #articulation