A beautiful start to this adventure with a stop at Domaine du Chalet in Chigny-les-roses in Champagne-Ardenne. A fantastic estate which Palmer took over a year ago, producing some fantastic Champagne. A choice of staying in the suites in the chalet or for the more adventurous you can stay in a treehouse 10m up in a 300yr old tree. Palmer and Co have had the best crop for 100yrs, so for those of you who enjoy your Champagne, the best time to taste the 2018 will be in approx 18 months. A warm, cosy, relaxing and welcoming location, well worth a visit. #Domaineduchalet #Chignylesroses #Champayne

Day one, the beautiful Domaine du Chalet in Chigny les Roses, Champagne. Palmer & Co Champagne from the estate was crisp and light. A special treat for my Son's 21st, was the tree house suite, 10metres in a 300yr old tree. The estate is based right in the heart of Champagne with many other estates around, like Hebert, Lefeuvre, etc. The Grape season this year has been the best in 100 years, so the best time to taste the 2018 Champagne will be in approx 18 months. #domaineduchalet #chignylesroses #champayne

The stand out discover from our visit to Champagne was co-operative, Champagne Palmer & Co. The quality of their wines and maturity (and patience) in their approach as a business was inspiring. The ‘’Amazone de Palmer’ - a multi vintage blend from older reserve wines and minimum 10 years on lees was sublime, powerful and thought-provoking. Worth keeping an eye on this producer @champagnepalmer !
And visit their private estate in Chigny-les-Roses if you get the chance, Domaine du Chalet. Beyond words! 🙌

When Champagne Palmer & Co bought Domaine du Chalet last year, they also bought a piece of history - the estate, built in 1860, was once the home of Louise Pommery, the heir to the Champagne Pommery fortune. Now, Palmer & Co are writing their own history, creating a unique gastronomic, oenological and relaxing experience. Find out more in our current issue.

Leven als God in Frankrijk 🍾

La table d’hôtes at Domaine du Chalet with a surprise gastronomic menu, where the Chef Damian Litaudon, former chef of Le Cheval Blanc, offered us a refined and precise cuisine to pair the Maison Palmer & Co wines. There are few things that are more creative and taste better! #domaineduchalet #gastronomy #finedining #champagnepalmer #france #champagne #chignylesroses #champagnelover #champagnelife #champagneeverything #wine #winelover #winestagram #goodtimes #foodpairing #luxuryhotel #champagnemoments #champagneworldwide

Domaine du Chalet by Palmer & Co is the former residence of Madam Louise Pommery at Chigny-les-Roses in the Montagne de Reims. #domaineduchalet #champagnepalmer #france #champagne #montagnedereims #chignylesroses #champagnelover #hollyday

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