Look who's following in the academic footsteps of his Mom & TeeTee. We are S0 proud of him, Dereon O. Moses
#Shine #DOM1

и снова люди или яркий момент из фильма

В этот раз хотим показать фото из нашего внутреннего процесса. Было потрачено много сил и нервов на этот проект. Кадр перед сдачей или легкая усталость на лице. И в свою очередь приглашаем сегодня на открытые этого местяка... яркие артисты, тусе до утра и много селфачей на фоне наших работ) Всем добра!

Яркая игровая комната для Art Bar 86

Однажды игровая в ArtBar86
г. Киев, пр. Голосеевский 86/1

Дизайн аэрография
Barbershop Borodach
г. Киев, ул. Драгоманова 2б

Дизайн аэрография
Barbershop Borodach
г. Киев, ул. Драгоманова 2б

💥 яркие люди или ценители нашего творчества 💥

Testing new long ratio box @ 28 psi #EJ207 #dom1.5xtr #daily #flex

Дизайн аэрография специально для @lab_by_dk и нашего друга @dmitriy_klimashenko
г. Киёв, ул. Саксаганского 55

однажды в Азии

Blessed beyond measure🙏 I am a proud daughter of the Most High God🌹 #DoM1 #MamaOthniel

И у меня наконец есть фото у старого дома

#köln #cologne #bonn #kölner #dom #dom1 #auto #de #ростовгород #ростов #ростовпапа @valera_rostov1 Автомобили под заказ из Германии под ключ. А так же более бюджетные варианты автоподбор по России!


The pillar of a 'prophet' in a husband to be/husband goes hand in hand with the pillar of a priest. He is not necessarily a prophet in the sense of prophesying to you but he is man who sees you through the eyes of the Word of God. He sees beyond your breast size, your pimples, your face without make-up, the size of your bum and the size of hips. He is not affected by your past ex's because he has learnt to see people through the eyes of God. When you fall, such a man will freely help you get up. When you feel like giving up he will motivate you. When you feel weak he is able to see it without you telling him and surprisingly pray and fast for you behind your back. He is a man who is able to see who God called you to be and to tell you who you are in God. The bible says whilst we were still yet sinners Christ died for us! This is what the prophetic pillar is all about, loving and seeing you as a champion when you are acting or looking like a failure. I must caution you though that this kind of a man is very rare to find. If you do find him, you are blessed because this pillar alone is also able to act as a priest, protector and lover all at the same time.

Isaiah 14:24
And the LORD of hosts hath sworn, saying that surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand.

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