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My first pencil skirt!! Not the greatest but it's a step in the right direction!! Now to make one for Wonder Woman!! #dollclothes #wonderwoman #practice #didisew?

Ну посмотрите!!! Он такой милый😁Комплект для #блайз 💕5 предметов-платье , чулочки, ободок, трусики и туфельки . Цена 3000 рублей. Доставка по России в подарок 🎁 Set for #blythe -dress, headband, panties, stockings and shoes - 60$+ shipping 💕

#blytheoutfit .

Tenney & Logan look amazing in their new clothes! 😍What's your favorite item from the release? I love everything, especially the new outfits for the Wellie Wishers! Willa wants them all! 😂❤️

***swipe swipe*** It's tinycyclingthursday again 😄💖 Thursdays I share with you some of my process of upcycling big people clothes into small people clothes - or what I call: tinycycling! ✌🏾 #recycle#reuse #upcycle
My little t-shirts! They're often made out of big people t-shirts of tops. This is no exception 😊 Here are some behind the scenes of making this cute little t-shirt with a little neat chest pocket 😚
I didn't have the original hem on the shirt anymore, so I made a long hem first. Then I cut out the two pieces of fabric and drew on the template I have made myself 🙌 I hemmed each of the four arm holes, and used some of the cut of bottom hem to make the pocket on front 😄 After that I made the neck by rolling down the edge, and at last sew the pieces together 😋 Voila! 🌻
If you get inspired I would love to see it! Hashtag: #tinycyclingthursday and tag me: @daallmaker 💕 #process


Little Sue, porcelain doll painted and dressed as a OOAK by Laura Corti Dadatti,from mold Portrait #8 of Dianna Effner.

《 Doll Clothes 》 Summer Clothes by xo__dolls
🔥 CLOSE 28 June

Stripe T-shirt
Color : pink / sky
15cm & 20cm - 80.000 IDR / 30cm - 90.000 IDR

Concert clothes
15cm & 20cm - 90.000 IDR / 30cm - 100.000 IDR

Color : white / black
20cm & 30cm - 50.000 IDR

Pointed hat + shoulder strap set
Color : mongryong / rabbit
15cm - 140.000 IDR / 20cm (tail hole / no tail hole) - 150.000 IDR

Rabbit hat
15cm - 150.000 IDR / 20cm - 160.000 IDR

Oxford hat
Color : white / black
15cm - 100.000 IDR / 20cm - 110.000 IDR

Price include ✔ EMS & ✔ TAX
(Ship worldwide 🌏🚚 line / dm)
Nama :
Alamat + kode pos :
No. HP :
Pesanan :
#exo #exol #aeri #xiumin #suho #lay #baekhyun #chen #chanyeol #kyungsoo #kai #sehun #exodoll #dollclothes #dollcloset

Another sneak peek! And a glimpse of her shoes which are a cream print fabric that matches her blouse. She's wearing my new pinafore design, it's hemmed and open in the back so that it's easier to take on and off. Listing in around an hour 7pm EST. #tinyhandmadedolls

Has anyone seen this at target? I'd like to see it on a AG doll @ogdolls @target It's so pretty #americangirlbrand #agig #agiger #ourgenerationdolls #dollclothes #pineapple #summer

Baby Born will be so cute and cuddly in this fleece coverall. Perfect for your boy doll too!! http://ow.ly/wji030cL1nu

#dollclothes tip 💡shown in a recent video... after washing, run #dollclothes through hot tap water and reshape by setting it the way you want it while drying. Makes sleeves look way better on hangers. I love how it takes away that flat front look on #kendoll pants too. Also good for getting those pesky box folds out @holidaybarbie1988 💁

I can't believe how time consuming #dolllaundry could be. But, it is nice to have everything smelling so fresh. It took me a bottle and a half of #fraycheck and some mending time too #dollclothes #barbieclothes #kenclothes #skipperclothes #stacieclothes #preloveddoll stuff #useddoll stuff #Barbie

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