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健康のために #ケフィアヨーグルト 作ってみた。牛乳パックに菌をいれて育てるやつ。シロップは #biople で頂いた、有機りんごだけで作られた砂糖 #yogurt #organic #dolcedi

Petit dessert/goûter/ptit dej en #igbas : 100g de yaourt #provamel bio soja-coco sans sucres+ 1 poignée de framboises surgelées bio @picardsurgeles + 2cc de #dolceDi (IG22). Degré de satisfaction+++ 💝😋
Le DolceDi est un sucre liquide bio 100% naturel, fait à base de jus de pommes concentré. Je le trouve plus sucrant et son gout est délicieux. Je l'achète en général en ligne chez @greenweez car il n'est pas facile à trouver en Gms. Il mériterait d'être plus connu car en terme de prix il est plus avantageux que le miel ou le sirop d'agave, pour un plaisir gustatif vraiment sympa, nous on est fan 😊

Il primo giorno di caldo vi ha già stremato? Vi consigliamo un ottimo rimedio per reidratare il corpo e dare nuova energia: centrifugato di frutta #bio dolcificato con #dolcedi, una vera bontà genuina! :-) #naturalmentebuono #naturalmenteamilano #dolcedi #estate2016

I've been eating this everyday, it is so ridiculously good. Sliced strawberries with a little unsweetened #sodelicious #coconutmilk yogurt a drizzle of #dolcedi concentrated apple juice and raw cashews from @momsorganicmarket . Tastes kind of like strawberry shortcake!

Вот и долгожданный наполеон 😍🔥
iMovie долго со мной воевало, но после удаления программы, все наконец заработало 🎉🎉
Всем советую попробовать этот простой тортик 😋
Его вкус приятно вас удивит 😍😍😋🙌🏼 Ингредиенты
Лаваш (у меня простой и со шпинатом, для цвета, но это не обязательно)
Яйца- 2 шт
Кукурузный крахмал - 2 с.л
Молоко- 500 мл
Сах.зам (мед или сироп агавы)
Чёрный шоколад
Кокосовая стружка (по желанию)
Ставим на огонь молочко, НЕ ДОВОДИМ ДО КИПЕНИЯ, должно быть чуть горячее тёплого.
Тем временем смешиваем яйца с сах.замом( не бойтесь делать слаще, так как тесто пресное. ) и крахмалом, добавляем смесит в тёплое молочко и ставим на огонь до загустения, постоянно помешивая.
Даём чуточку остыть и дальше делаем все как на видео 🤗
P.S. Подсластитель у меня- #dolcedi это Вытяжка из яблока с низким гликемическим индексом. Недавно его открыла для себя, очень нравится 😍
Шоколад я использовала на стевии 😋
#мосендз_кулинария #мосендз_пп #мосендз

infuso pesca e ananas freddo con foglie di menta, fette di kiwi e un goccio di #dolcedi il barattolo l'ho preso da Tiger, ma se volete provare un riciclo oggi trovate anche il #diy sul blog di @miria83

Surprise your kid at lunch with a sweet treat of a fruit cup! Create your own sweetened with Dolcedi, our low-glycemic all natural sweetener made with only organic apples!

Chamomile lavender limeade sweetened with dolcedi #limeade #tea #summerdrinks #dolcedi

#chiajam In addition to the veggies I also had some strawberries and blueberries from last week 😊 a perfect mix for a chia jam 😉
It only takes 15 min total to prepare!! My friend Marta from @organicfoodforkids inspired me 😘
The jam came out sooooooooo good and it's a perfect spread on my new super-multi grain bread from the FM
🍓2 baskets strawberries 🍓1 basket blueberries
🍓4 Tbsp chia seeds
🍓2 Tbsp apple sweetener by @rigoniasiagousa 🍓1 Tbsp vanilla

Cook the fruit chopped in small pieces with the vanilla and apple sweetener in a saucepan for 5 min, up until it gets tender. At this point you can use and immersion blender to create a purée as I did as my kids do not like chunks of food. Add the chia and stir for another 5 min up until it gets as thick as you like. Turn off the heat, cool down and enjoy!!! I store it in the refrigerator in an air tight container...I don't think it will last up until the weekend 😆😋 #chia #chiaseeds #chiaseed #breakfast #healthykids #healthyfood #healthysnack #healthyeating #toddlerfood #babyledweaning #jam #strawberryjam #healthystrawberryjam #refinedsugarfree #applesweetener #dolcedi #rigonidiasiago


Surprise your kid at lunch with a sweet treat of a fruit cup! Create your own sweetened with Dolcedi, our low-glycemic all natural sweetener made with only organic apples!

These peach crescents sweetened with our low-glycemic Dolcedi sweetener are just peachy!

Goes well with black tea, too☕️ #organicapplesyrup #applesyrup #dolcedi #lowgifood #teddybear

Whether you're studying for an exam or writing a paper, take a quick study break with Dolcedi Cinnamon Apple Crisps.

Simply preheat the oven to 250°. Thinly slice the apples crosswise, taking out the seeds and both ends. Drizzle with Dolcedi and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake the apple slices, turning every half hour, until dry, 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Sweeten homemade watermelon popsicles with dolcedi, made with 100% organic apple juice that has a neutral taste!

Use our low-glycemic liquid sweetener for an extra sweetness without the calories in your Labor Day party iced tea!




Swap the sugar with our low-glycemic liquid sweetener for your favorite summer pie recipe!

Watermelon juice sweetened with Dolcedi is the perfect summer drink to escape the summer heat!

We love this summer salad dressed with our Dolcedi and Apple Cider Vinegar by @braidedvegan!

DONUT forget the Dolcedi! Our low-glycemic sweetener that's soluble in iced drinks and perfect for summer!

ビタミンカラーロースイーツ Vitamin color rawsweets それぞれの色には意味がある✨
🌺ハニーレモン&マンゴーwith キウイ


ラムレーズンがが大人の甘さを醸し出す チョコクラスト

essential oilを効かせると爽やかさとデトックス効果が増します❣️ #vitamincolors #ビタミンカラー効果 #フィコシアニン #phycocyanin #ブルーマジック #bluemajik #チョコミント #chocomint #レモン #lemon #detox #デトックス #ロースィーツ #美肌 #美肌効果 #rawsweets #rawfood #mango #basil #blueberry #raspberry #完熟マンゴー #アップルシロップ #Dolcedi #E3Live #doterra #エッセンシャルオイル #essentialoil #aromasweets #ローフードマイスター荻窪北校

Why use a bowl when you can eat your yogurt sweetened with Dolcedi in a papaya bowl!

Test maison des boissons façon Starbucks :) j'ai pas de mûres je remplace par des fraises ça devrait être sympa aussi :) #faitmaison #starbucks #starbucksalamaison #palaisdesthes #thealamenthe #rigonidiasiago #dolcedi #fraises #strawberry #leptitbazardemellebanane

Our Dolcedi is all-natural and refined-sugar free! It's perfect to sweeten any breakfast toasts!

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