I have written lots of posts analysing how hard KS and ET work to preserve their love, in both fantastical and psychological, scientifically proven ways. I have also said my belief that love is not an infatuation but rather a process of conscious actions to stay in love.

Yet, one of the epiphanies I had after seeing Goblin was I now wonder whether with some couples those feelings they first felt for each other are actually love and not infatuation. Love from a previous life. Perhaps the couple had worked hard to build their love in a previous life; so hard that the memory of that love carried over to this life and they could recognise their soulmate with very little time. That magical thinking explained so much to me why some people connected very early on and that connection lasted a lifetime in form of a happy marriage.
So as I watched Meghan walking down the aisle to her Prince in that beautiful church, I could see, through two thousands years of history, images of lovers that were torn apart by society’s prejudices on age, race, religion, or social status. Perhaps they were an actor and a Duchess or a divorced older poor woman and a never been married rich heir in a previous life or a Princess and a farmer in a life before that, the star crossed lovers who could not be together because of social prejudices. Perhaps that was why in this life, they could recognise each other so quickly and though they also have all these differences they get to be together forever so easily after a quick courtship. It is the type of love that had waited two thousand years for social change, just like KS waited so long for ET, to finally have its happy ending.

This situation had happened in other European royal families the last few years. However, in my pre-Goblin era 🙂, I didn’t have that much random thoughts. It is a testament of how great a work of art Goblin is that it has instilled in me this magical thinking. That lovers who work hard to be with each other, will be with each other, whether in this lifetime or the next. And in that lifetime, they would recognise each other instantly, with absolute conviction, from the very first time they meet 😊❤!

When they first locked eyes on the rainy street, KS had a glimpse of his first meetings with ET in their next lives but he did not know how to make sense of it. When she first summoned him up on the beach, he asked “Who are you?”. It was such an important question that it became the name of one of the OST songs.

The series then pretty much spent its all 16 episodes exploring, building up then establishing ET as the confirmed Goblin’s bride and just before she died she had become a true Goblin’s bride, through fate, through her love to the Goblin, through his love and devotion to her and officially through a beautiful wedding. So what is a more perfect ending than her first worrying words to him in her next life “You know who I am don’t you?” and his first words to her: “My first and my last, Goblin’s bride”. One could almost say writer Kim perhaps started with the ending first in mind then wrote the whole story to illustrate it 🙂💕

As ET and KS cried tears of relief and happiness and HanSuji’s Winter is coming broke out beautifully on screen, I fell in love hopelessly with Goblin more so than I ever did during the series. And I know it was because of the ending, that summed up so cohesively the whole series, the spirit and the beauty of it.

Unless one lives a life totally isolated from the world, one could hardly escape the news surrounding the royal wedding that took place last weekend, the story of Harry and Meghan. I am generally not interested in royals but I had stopped still a little when I heard Harry’s response to a question during the BBC interview right after announcing his engagement.
- “Since when did you know she was the one?”
- “From the first time we met” Harry replied.
To my own surprise, I believed him.
I wouldn’t though had I not watched Goblin...

The details of the ending have been planted through out the series, ever since the beginning.
-The watch that KS wore was given to him by ET as a wedding gift in mid Eps 16.
- The idea that she would come back in another life was promised to KS by ET at her death mid Eps 16 but was first said to him at Eps 12, and first introduced to viewers in Eps 10 when ET said to Sunny she hoped this was her first life so she could come back to KS in her 3 subsequent lives.
- ET said at her death mid Eps 16 next time she would come to KS. So instead of him appearing behind her whenever she blew out the candle in this life, at the ending, the reincarnated ET appeared BEHIND KS as the dandelion she held was blown away in the wind. And she walked down the hill to meet him! 💕
- The whole ending scene was parallel to the scene in Eps 2 when ET was looking for KS who left her at the hotel to pay respect in the Yoo family graveyard. The first thing reincarnated ET said when she appeared was “I found him”, which was what she said in Eps 2 with the same gesture of looking at him through the dandelion. So writer Kim definitely had this ending scene played out in her head when she was writing Eps 2.
- The next line ET said was “I vote that there would be...a sad love”. Of course she said this in Eps 4. But this line is important because it served as a trigger to evoke her memory of her love to KS in Eps 15. So it is only appropriate that she said it now to restart their love in this life. However the line said this time further deepened the melancholy but beautiful nature of their whole love story. It reminded the audience of the last 16 Eps with only 2 flash backs.
- When KS turned around to see ET, the sun shone brightly behind her making her shine just like his impression of her that he first confessed to her in the buckwheat garden in Eps 6 and again in the proposal in Eps 15.
- By this time, we suddenly realised that this scene was shown to us in Eps 1, the very first moment KS and ET set eyes on each other. The end was written even before the beginning took place!
- But the most significant detail of all was their concise but meaningful exchange.

I have often said in this account how much I love Goblin’s ending. The truth is it is my most favourite part of Goblin and the reason I love Goblin as much as I do.
Daniel Gilbert, a Harvard Professor of Psychology wrote in his excellent book “Stumbling on Happiness” about how the ending of an event influenced people’s impression of that event more than anything. And while this is not a new phenomenon to me, in fact, I often coach my staff on how they should end interactions with clients on a high note, I was still blown away about the effect Goblin ending had on me.
The biggest reason was that to me the ending has been carefully thought and planned out and expertly and lovingly executed.
...continued next...


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