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I keep trying to tell ya, I'M the lucky one❤️ #DoItForThem 📷: Maddie Hartnett

Happy birthday sis and good luck class of 2017! #fam #doitforthem

@erphaanalves - This week on #TributeTuesdays we pay respect to the late great Legend! - Ras Shorty I.

He was one of the few musicians of modern times who could claim to have almost single-handedly created a long-lasting musical genre. Ras Shorty I, formerly known as Lord Shorty, was one of the most creative figures to emerge from Trinidad. He rose to fame as "Lord Shorty" with his 1963 hit "Cloak and Dagger". Soca’s development as a musical genre included its fusion with calypso, cadence, and Indian musical instruments—particularly the dholak, tabla and dhantal—as demonstrated in Lord Shorty's classic compositions "Ïndrani" and "Shanti Om". In 1984, he voiced his disenchantment with soca, claiming it was being used for the wrong reasons. A short time thereafter, he embraced a strict form of Christianity, adopted the name Ras Shorty I. In the late 1980s, he began recording again, fusing soca and gospel in a style he called Jamoo.

#DoItForThem #RIP

My irk boxes😩 but also my hearts if these 2 are good I'm good... ❤😍❤ #Family #MyLoves #Mommy #BabyBoy #DoItForThem (📸thanks doc nice selfie) 😘

With the future champ 🏅

#athletes #doitforthem #future

Remembering why I started. The three little faces that keep me pushing on through the crap. Do it for them ❤ if I can't be good at anything else, I can be a good aunty. #family #niece #nephews #whodoyougrindfor #doitforthem

If we hadn't changed our direction, we would have wound up where we were headed🙏🏼❤️ #DoScaryThings #DoItForThem


2 more days left of making money for this girl her momma and her bubba and I’m home to join the fun they having today at the water park #fraclife #familyfirst #doitforthem #HardWork #AmiyahGram #ballerbaby #biracial #wshh #worldstar #beauty #mixkids #summertime #summer17

Tomorrow we begin the first test group of the Shift. I am nervous, excited & most importantly... READY. This program is an entirely new way of looking at working out and overall health. It's a MIND shift as well as a BODY shift. This test group is SO important to me as it's the first time in a long time I feel like I'm BACK to having the passion for my fit family that I had when I first started as a coach.

I've provided my girls with grocery lists & the first weeks nutrition guide to follow and today I will be prepping for my first week so that I can be as successful as possible.

I'm making this SHIFT for
My Marriage 💏
My Children 👭
But most importantly... for ME 🙋🏼. _____

My health, my life and my body are all dependent on my MIND and my willingness to take good care of me.

I'm curious, if you knew you were changing your life in 3 weeks >✨weight loss, smaller waistline, more energy, more focus, more confidence, belief in yourself, motivated to do/be more✨< what would you be shifting for?

Here it is. A year apart as of a couple months ago. You dont realize how strong you are or how much you would fight for you kids until the life you use to know turns upside down. Through everything that happen I never thought I would finally be at peace with the way it all turned out. Im not saying I lost the weight a healthy way but I can say im maintaining a healthy way. I am a happier, more well rounded and a healthier woman and mother. #youliveforyourkids #doitforthem #healthymom #youalwayshaveme #transformation #70poundsgone

5 games later and this is my navigator. 😴

So proud of how good she played today. ⚽

Her hard work off the field with conditioning is starting to pay off and she could really tell.
Now off to a party...wonder how long she will make it. 😉

My beautiful baby girl Mia, aka Baby G! #mybabyG❤️, #mybabygirl, #missingmybabies❤️, #doitforthem, #ripmarley🖤,

Nuevo lanzamiento! Avarcaleos 5! New launching soon, Avarcaleos 5! Máxima sujeción gracias a la tira trasera, y super tacón de 0'005 mm!! Great back strip for max tight and incredible high heel!!Funde pataaaa!! Burn legs!! #weightliftingshoes #crossfit #Avarcaleos5 #reebok #nike #squats #machucatarget #doitforthem #homegym

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