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Brunch with my favourite friend .. #friendsforever #bestcoffee #doitagaininaheartbeat #funtimes

Angel's Landing! Adrenaline rush from using chains along the mountain cliff for the steep climb up! Definitely more a test of the mind rather than the body. Fear of heights or fear of falling? Same thing? #angelslanding #doitagaininaheartbeat #zionnationalpark #tiffjonstuffnthings

Look at all that stuff! #turtledove can't even bare to see it all lined up like this. Do you remember your parents lugging a bunch of crap when they would take you on a trip? Lol. #familytrips #thepricewepay #doitagaininaheartbeat #whatafunweekend

My worst nightmares always involve me forgetting how to scream....and that happened while I was flying through the air. After I pulled the cord I had a tiny scream and then it just cut out and I couldn't make any noise at all. Not sure which was scarier: falling through the air or feeling like my nightmare was real. #sogladisurvived #doitagaininaheartbeat #actuallyreallyfun

TFW When it's 70 outside, you're wearing a winter outfit, you have a bunch of candle wax on your face, and the snow they keep putting on you is shredded paper... #actorslife #Letgo #doitagaininaheartbeat #wesufferforourart

What an experience it was to hike to the top and get this captivating view. First, we climbed up half the mountain, got lost, went down the mountain a bit, met a couple who were as lost as we were, climbed up to the top of the 12 Apostles (the non intended mountain), met a group of senior hikers who pointed us in the right direction, got lost again, ran out of water, and was nearing sundown. But it was done with some of the best people I've ever met and I've never been happier. It's all about the journey, the passion, and the adventure. #za #doitagaininaheartbeat

Lots of fun at the top of the TV tower in #Tallinn!! #NotScaredOfHeights #DoitAgainInAHeartbeat


1 year ago I was in Spain with @joust09 feels like yesterday! Xx #spainvacation #feelslikeyesterday #doitagaininaheartbeat

Lots of fun at the top of the TV tower in #Tallinn!! #NotScaredOfHeights #DoitAgainInAHeartbeat

Big thanks to @katlynmobley for taking a chance on the #avltri today. She slayed it and was a rad training partner along the way. If you have ever considered doing a triathlon @idaphevents, puts on a stellar race that is well-organized and VERY beginner friendly. A 🏊🏼‍♀️ in a pool, a beautiful rolling 🚴🏻‍♀️ (with one kinda big climb and an awesome downhill afterwards!), and one of the flattest 5ks I have ever run. Seriously, check out this event. I definitely hope to be back next year. 😁 #trinewthings #bodymarked #triathletesoundshardcore #itwassofun #slowtransitions #doitagaininaheartbeat

Longest day hike we've pulled off yet. Mt. LeConte via Trillium Gap Trail.
#dead #feethurt #doitagaininaheartbeat #thinkthatqualifiesascardio #nwolympiaprepchallenge

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