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Sorry to those that have already seen this picture. People keep asking me about skin removal. Here you go!
LOOSE SKIN AND SURGERY POST. From 396 lbs to 190lbs in less than a year and from a 70 inch waist to a 30. I'm sorry if this is a little TMI with the pictures. Hope it helps someone because this is hard for me to share. Please ask me if you have any questions regarding my weight loss journey and skin removal surgery. 🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️
If you medically need the surgery it's worth the pain! I had a lot of complications, but I would do it again in a heart beat. These days the scar will be much smaller compared to mine. There have been huge advancements in the surgery now compared to when I had it done 10 years ago. My scar is big and ugly, but it adds character and I consider it a war wound/great conversation piece. --
If someone asks when they see it I'll tell them with a straight face " a great white shark tried to swallow me from the feet up and clapped down on my waist. Then the shark spit me out because I tasted like shit" most people are like WTF 😳😳😳 (you should see their faces) then I say " I'm just busting your ovaries/balls" people literally believe me because my face is so serious. 😂😂😂😂😂
You can also get my weight loss guide and over 60 days of my actual food journals. It's exactly what I ate for the first 60 days. -
The link is on my IG bio as well. -
Good luck and please ask me if you have any questions.

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lol I see so many girls pose like this but I feel just awkward but hey my booty looks nice... so that's why I'm posting it 🤷🏼‍♀️ Who wants my sprint workout?! Do this 30 min workout every other day (or everyday) and I promise that you will feel and look so much better! Sprint Intervals- 10 min warm up on incline (15) speed (3). Next, Sprints go back down to incline (3) speed (12) sprint 30 seconds rest anywhere form 30 seconds to a minute. Repeat 10 times! Walk at speed (3) until you reach 30 min for a "cool down". Seriously I feel SO GOOD after this. Post workout foam roll and stretch🔑 #bookmarkthatish #doit #fitgirls #sprints #cardio #bootygainz #leggains

Found 6 Ford GTs! Go peep the video...link in my profile. #GoWatch #DoIt #FordGT

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These 6 exercises will transform your game!! The Summer has begun for 1st team ALL-ACC performer, Louisville's and #TeamNiteNite's @i_hoop25! She has rested and now it is time to work! We will chronicle many of our workouts this summer. "What happens behind the scenes is what gets seen on TV screens!" -DLEE

1. Lunge Push Backs into one leg balance
2. Overhead lunges
3. Dumbell low box jumps
4. Flying step-ups with dumbells
4. Eccentric Step downs (foot doesn't touch ground) into concentric Step-Up balances
6. Hex bar deadlift

Our L.E.A.P (Leaping, Explosiveness, Acceleration with Power) Program is designed to develop our players for in-game performance. Here, as part of our lower body development, we are working primarily on unilateral explosive power, deceleration, toe/foot strength/ROM, glute activation, proprioception, ROM and core stability We add Hex bar deadlifts and dumbell low box jumps for bilateral development. The unilateral work helps makes sure that the body has no weak links and that there is no overcompensation from the other leg. The sum of the parts equal the whole.

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Street legal Batmobile 💀 --
Credits : @alexandremourreau

Nieuwe polo's staan online!!😍✨ Zo blij mee!
Shop ze nu online: 🛍WWW.BYJILL.EU 🛍

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#Watch #Share #Tag a baller with this type of handle!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 "What goes on behind-the-scenes is what is eventually played out on TV screens!" -DLEE

Arguably one of the best ball-handlers in the country, male or female, Asia Durr has put in a ton of work to understand ball-control principles and not just ball handling drills. Footwork and timing is getting better and better! Game tested and deliverable under pressure! #Reals Not #Drills #NiteNite

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I m not changed i just grew up u shld try it too #doit #differentthoughts☺😎👍👊✌👌 pic credits ohhi apna @narinder_mankoo veera

because some days I eat a crap ton of broccoli and have great hair and other days I have a world class #mombun and eat half a pint of @benandjerrys 💁🏼🙈🤷🏼‍♀️ #balance

Don't let your dreams be dreams

"당신이 갔던 모든 장소에서 강한 휘발유 냄새가 났다."
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Life is busy and things don't always go as planned. NO EXCUSES!! Facilities, conditions, and time might not be ideal or under your control...but hard work is! Create what you need or clear an area to train and GET TO WORK!! #work #track #getit #doit #usatf #coachup #train #noexcuses #shot #discus #hammer

1 kit left!!!!! For all you beginners out there, listen up!! Many have asked me what oils we use most for us and our littles...well HERE they are!! We have the best starter kit bundle available starting NOW!!! 🌟 For those of you looking to get started on a budget, but still getting all the oils you need and diffuser as well to take care of the simple ailments in your home, this kit is for you!! They are all amazing and serve hundreds of different purposes! ----------------------------------------------------------Bundle will include- 🌟Top 8 oils (onguard, melaleuca, wild orange, deep blue, peppermint, lavender, balance, aromatouch) 🌟A couple rollers, a spray bottle and a Petal DIFFUSER! 🌟A free wholesale membership, to be part of our amazing wellness community, and team perks!!! -----------------------------------------------------------We would LOVE to be your educators and welcome you into this world of incredible natural options!! We have 1 of these bundles ready to go to those ready to dive in!! Message us if you would like to reserve YOUR kit: 9052131165 or 📩info@canvastoronto.ca or raise your hand below to claim yours, and I'll dm you info!!! Can't WAIT to get you started and show you just how S I M P L E it is to make this healthy, natural change in your life!!
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