ladies (& dudes) saying whatever the eff they want in 2018 🌻 🌸🦄✌🏼#useyourwords #doyou #oareminders

sunday hike with daddy! we used to go up camelback mountain all the time when I was younger. don’t get me wrong, i’m very into my indoor studio classes in the city, but there’s nothing like an outdoor hike with this gorgeous weather 🙌🏻🌵

calluses 🖐🏼 #doingthings

Hey fans, sometimes you have to do some destination fitness to reset and motivate yourself. We traveled all the way to Hollywood to show all the celebrities how it’s done. We found this gr8 outdoor gym on the top of mt. Hollywood and practiced our acrobatics and such. .
Let us know where your fav workout spot is .
#fitness #lit #hollywood

Day 17! Slowly catching up. My hamstrings have been pretty tight for the last week or so and this was a challenge. I used a strap to help me “grab” my foot and incorporating even this small backbend made my thighs scream in protest so I stopped right there and allowed this to be perfect today. #OverTheCounterYoga #doingthings @cyogalife

To yoga or not to yoga, that is the question... Hmm maybe #doingthings in @outdoorvoices?! 🤸🏻‍♀️
#backbend #fitness #patriciazhoh #outdoorvoices #exercise #dancer #ballerina #ladanceproject #ladp

Can you imagine waking up every Monday morning ready to leap out of bed? I can.

We can keep telling ourselves that once we make X amount of money, one we finally live in a bigger apartment, once we finally get a new job, or once we finally have the perfect body, we can be finally live the life we want. But the clock keeps ticking, and we keep on waiting. Waiting to be happy? That doesn’t make sense to me.

Pursuing what you love take work, especially when figuring out what IT IS you love. It also takes patience, time, and HONEST effort. But YOUR HAPPINESS DEPENDS ON IT. Because there is no amount of money, no job title, no perfect body that is going to fulfill you like doing what you love everyday does. Spend less time waiting and more time pursuing. 🗯

Just doing what I love out here 📸

Exploring hidden caves with @meaganbryan

In the summer, smoothies are basically all I ever crave. Made this green #smoothiebowl for a power breakfast and topped it with some of my faves! See recipe below 👇🏼 Tropical Green Smoothie Bowl • handful of frozen spinach
• frozen pineapples & mango
• 1 pitted date
• 1 tsp hempseeds
• 1 tsp maca powder
• 1 scoop of @coyo_is_coconuts vanilla bean yogurt • coconut water (add to desired consistency) • strawberries & banana slices
@traderjoes coconut granola

Have a great Sunday! 💕

Could have sworn it was April showers and May flowers? Or does that not apply anymore with Global Warming? ⛈ What’s your favorite rainy day treat? ✖️I love any excuse to get a hot matcha, and it feels like the perfect weather for some quiet yoga in a dark room.
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here’s a first ; 5K jog tour of Central Park. so much history & scenery !! #doingthings

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