Always a puppy at heart! ❤️.

Just the goodest boy, wishing you the bestest #TOT ever!
Who’s ready for a giveaway?! Starting to put the wheels in motion to give away some great prizes for you guys! Stay tuned 😄
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He has the most gorgeous eyes 💕

Today I'm thinking about how life is full of contrasts. The highs and lows, the good and the bad, the exciting parts and the boring times... and this photo from Lola's photo session popped into my head! The contrast of Lola's rich black fur against her mom's bright, colorful garden was SO gorgeous! (Not to mention kinda hard to capture photographically, eeep! But I’m still loving the photos from our session back in 2016.) Enjoy this high-contrast photo as you try to maintain balance in your life... that's what I'm striving for too!

They’ve grown up together, they are both 7 years old. He’s an old man and she’s an energetic little girl.
She LOVES him. He tolerates her. The best Odd Couple.

今日もにこにこ がんばりましょー👍

今朝のお散歩カメラは ミラーレス+ かなーりお久しぶりの55-200mm。(いつもはパンケーキの20mm)画角に慣れずあたふた😅
① 寄れないけれど、望遠もいいなぁ〜💕 ② きなこの微笑みは一瞬😅 ③ 自宅裏の公園はわんこ🆖なので、ビルの植栽の良さそうなところを探してちまちま撮っています💕 ④ iPhone7
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Palomo 💀

Want to see your pets photographed like the lovely Lucas? I'm offering 25% off to the first five people to email me with the code PAWSIFICNW. Everyone who contacts me with the code after the first five gets 10% off instead! This promotion runs until 8/31 and is valid for up to three booked sessions. All sessions must be booked for August or September 2018.
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Spotted: A wild Stella in her natural habitat.

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