On day 1 Adeline is exhibiting difficult yet very typical border collie pup behaviors. A few days in and she’s already improving because of desensitisation to trigger environments and positive behavior re-enforcement training. Well done Adeline !!♥️🐾🐶! .
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Some dogs will use stairs to gain a clear height advantage. Higher = bigger = ranks higher in the group. But sometimes, it's just about enjoying the sunniest spot in the house.
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@ginnyonesock showing us some beautiful loose lead walking around LOADS of distractions! We had kids playing in the park, other dogs, cars and plenty interesting smells 🐶 Well done 💕
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It’s getting closer by the day!! We’d love to have you join us May 5th and 6th in Chatsworth for our problem solving workshop!! A two day, hands on, any dog welcome event.
If you’re looking to add to your skills and don’t want to bring a dog, audit spots are a great way to gain a ton of knowledge.
We have two group walks planned and a group dinner the first night, to add to our already deeply immersive experience.

Just arrived to this weekends seminar location in Nazareth, PA for another wonderful weekend dog training seminar. Took a nice walk with Kyra and Girl before getting some social media done

7 days to change your life!

Our Train the Trainers program has become so much more than just a dog training seminar. Of course we’ll show you all the ins and outs of our training approach, but unlike other seminars, you’ll also learn the business and mindset skills that hold so many back.

We’ll show you how we, and hundreds of our students, have succeeded in this highly competitive field. You’ll get the most up-to-date skills and the most transparent sharing, all in a highly supportive and safe environment.

Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, the T3 program has consistently helped trainers launch new careers or explode their existing ones.

Where: Providence, RI
When: June 25-July 1

For more details, or to sign up, CLICK LINK IN BIO

Happy Friyay!! We wanted to introduce the new crew of training dogs!
From right to left we’ve got Presley the #leonberger who has earned her wings and graduates tomorrow with flying colors!! She’s become quite the helper dog modeling the #zenaf state of mind for the newbies. Next to her we’ve got Rasta the #germanshepherd her sister Rayne also a German Shepherd, and their other sister George the #irishwolfhound , then Indi the #pittbull and last but certainly not least we’ve got the one and only Bosco being the badass Bossman that only Bosco can be 😎

A peek at several of our dogs holding place while we do our weekly Pilates class. Be sure to check out our Facebook page and see a great Live video right before we got started!

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Dogs are wandering through life with no clear information about how to behave for two reasons. One, because we don’t know how to clearly show them what is and what isn’t wanted. And two, because we’re emotionally unable to share consequences with them.

Both leave them struggling and ill-behaved. And both are our fault.

Learn how to share what your dog needs to actually learn and flourish. (Sorry, punishment for poor choices is a prerequisite.) And take a serious look at your mindset and heart, and figure out what’s preventing you from sharing what would help your dog to live a better, happier, safer life.

Let your dog think for them self, don’t push your dog into a roll over and reward. Instead let your dog think on his own and lure them into a roll over 🐾 📸 @beingbirch

Today I finally filmed some heeling work with Pepper. Girlfriend is still super nervous so it’s a work in progress, but way better than when she came in! There is a truck beeping a block away so she really wants to bolt, but she’s doing a really great job of sticking with me and following my lead. She still won’t take food outside, but once she does we will do some engagement exercises with her to get her more comfortable with strange noises.
As I am turning and when I stop I am giving her “prompting” taps on the collar to help her focus on what I’m asking and helping her to stay in the moment. This is incredibly challenging for her and although she is in position she is no where near as relaxed as I would like her to be. Heel is a position but it is also a mindset! I want her to feel comfortable in her own skin out in public as one of her families goals is to be able to take her out downtown and to more populated areas.

On the road heading to my next seminar Nazareth, PA www.rvdogtrainer.com

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