Mom looking at her computer all day= Snooze Fest 🛏

Trying to look cute while digging for crumbs under the rug #alwaysstarving

Write a caption... 🤷‍♀️🤔

My little teddy bear 🐻

It’s #tot ! 😝 Have a great Tuesday!

And pwooh the weekend is gone! For us it was pretty usual, long walks in the forest so that we could be true hillbilly’s as we are 😄🐾

Have a great weekend everyone! We hope that ours will be fun and adventurous and yours too!! 🐾

She may be old and grey and walks way too slow - but she’s my best friend ❤️

Proud to be an Ameripup #neverforget 🇺🇸

Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend 😊 So tell me, who has more than 2+ dogs (especially from the same sex) how are things at home? I remember when we first brought Raphael at home, he barked at Rocco literally like he wanted to eat him! 😬 I was already thinking that Oh boy, it’s not gonna be easy! (Raphel was 7 months old when he arrived from the USA) but then we let them off leash and they were friends instantly. At first Rocco probably thought that Raphael is someone who is staying with us couple of days but he was wrong 😄 So at first he quit frequently let Raphael eat all his treats and so on.. but now Raphael does not even move when Rocco is eating his treat because he know that Rocco will be maaaaaaaad 😂 They argue sometimes but they have never fought and I hope that it won’t change. Right now I can leave them both freely at downstairs when I am at work and I have a camera so that when I am at work I can watch them. They haven’t done any mess, they don’t fight and most of the time they just sleep 💤. Tell me how are your pups together?! It would be intresting to hear! 😊

A little rain never ruins my parade #whitehairdontcare #themuddierthebetter #gordon

A dog is one of the few things in life, that is exactly what it seems 💕Don’t you agree? 😊

Pre Game Nap before @ohiostfb #gobucks

Bad boys ain’t no good, but good boys ain’t no fun 😏

Having two dogs... One of them has to be in the center of an attention all the time..🙄 By looking at this picture it should not be hard to guess which one of them wants to be the 🌟 in our family 🤔😄

Sometimes I wonder.. If dogs could talk, what would they say about us to their friends?! 🤔🙄

He looks for adventure around every corner 🐾

I can’t wait until these hot days are over and I can finally make some pictures where they keep their mouths shut 😆 Or do aussies ever feel like it’s not hot?! 🤔😄Sometimes it seems that it’s too hot for them even in the winter ❄️

And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and Autumn was awakened. - Raquel Franco

Raphael always smiling... It’s a September which means that children are going to school.. It’s time to end our summer break also and go back to agility! We have our first training again on Friday! We can’t wait!! 😆🐾 Also I am trying a new editing style, please let me know what you think of it. Should I keep trying with these kinds of pictures or do you prefer more natural pictures with not so much editing?! 😊

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