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Rocco has learned how to bow 🙇.. isn’t he polite? 💕☺️🐾 We thank everyone with this bow for this very very blue Monday that we had and hope that the rest of the week will be more colorful! ❄️

Hi guys !! I love the sunset

What the Flock are you looking at⁉️The #Flamingo Fest 💞and the #Glamingo Flamingo Squad are partying at @jaggerthegreat1 house 🏡, NOT mine‼️Happy #FlamingoFriday! #WhateverFloatsYourFlamingo 🎉💓💚💓🎉
👑 💗🐶💗🐶💗🐶💗
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Rocco at Finland shows 💕

So the long weekend in Helsinki is over..🇫🇮 Overall we are very happy with the results!
Raphael had excellent every day, two of them with CQ and we ended this trip with Raphael getting a new title: Finland’s Junior Winner’17! And he was also BM2 out of 24 males 💕
Rocco had also nice descriptions from the judges and had two excellents and one very good but was second in his class every day. We are already waiting for the next years shows! 💕

Here is a picture of so very excited Raphael winning his last needed EST J CAC! With his friend Bravo! This weekend we are going to Finland for three shows! Can’t wait! Keep your fingers crossed for a good outcome please 💕🇪🇪🇫🇮

Rocco loves this kind of weather and he wishes that he could be out all day long! Sorry Rocco no can do. Mommy needs someone to keep her warm while watching TV 🙄😄🐾

Hellow snow! I was waiting for you! I can’t believe that tomorrow is already December! Let’s hope that this time the snow will stay and we can have white and nice winter 😍(one can dream..) ❄️

We are so sorry for not being so active lately. We know that all the World 🌎 had black Friday last week.. well we have it too.. every day from October to March!! And also our mom got a new job and has to finish her M.Sc. But hopefully there are new pictures coming soon! Have a wonderful week! 😊🐶

My pups are lucky to have everything they could ever ask for. With that said, instead of spoiling them this Christmas, I’ve decided to take that $$ and buy blankets for the local animal shelter. Shelter dogs that are waiting for their forever families will be able to enjoy the softness of these fleece blankets this holiday season. Adopt, don’t shop. Pay it forward.
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Holy glory 💕

Teddy bear 🐻

When you don’t have any time to pose for your human.. I’m in the woods for Christ sake!! 🙄🐶🐾

I am the king 👑 of this forest! 🌳

Raphael... always a happy pup 💕

Soo I have a question for you guys. How long do you have to be alone at home when your human(s) are at work or school or.. wherever 🙄? It would be fun to know and also are you left in a livingroom or some other room or are you in crate or outside? Let me know! ☺️🐾🐾 And if you’d like to know our situation then let me know 😉

As you can see.. Raphael has a very hard life being a model for me.. you can see it in his eyes 😂 That was actually last picture for that day and I think he was getting a little tired so after that they could run and do whatever they for the rest of the walk 😉💕


Again such a grey morning... where’s the snow ❄️?

Mmm those yummi sticks 😋🐶

Who’s the boss... 🙄🐾😄

Yay weekend! 🐾

I love winter time evening sun! ☀️ it leaves such a nice tones to a picture. And it definitely suits him, don’t you agree? 😎

Yay I’t Wednesday! I can already smell the weekend 😎🐾

04-05.11.2017 International Dog Show, Tartu (🇪🇪)
Malpaso's Poetic Justice 'Raphael'

04.11 - JCAC, JBOS
Judge: Juan Naveda Carrero, Spain
05.11 - JCAC, BOBJ, BM2!!🎉 and also choosen in Junior BIS to final 8!! 🎉
Judges: Nikola Konrad, Serbia and Frances Smith, Argentina

We can now confirm our EST 🇪🇪 and also Latvian 🇱🇻 Junior Champion titles! 💕

Could somebody please tell us who is responsible for this kind of weather that we have here in Estonia at the moment?!?! No snow, temperature is almost as it would be spring.. Is Christmas even coming? 🤔❄️ How is the weather at your country?

Who’s there?? A bunny? A fox?? 🐰 🦊

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