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Okay human, I is done napping you can release me now 🐺

Pups in backpacks are undeniably cute but what if you pup was injured and you needed to carry them? Would you know what to do? We've just posted First Aid for Fido on the Trail - a beginners guide to first aid kits and emergency first aid. If you want to brush up your knowledge click the link in our bio! 📸 @ashleedawn__

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Saying goodbye to beautiful Newport OR after nine days of being here.
It was a fun adventure and now we are on our way to look for more somewhere else up the coast.
Beach towel from @sand_cloud #savethefishies

He's such a happy little boy. 😊 Happy Wednesday everyone!

"Paw" was a natural habit of Robin's already but as soon as I gave him a word for it and he realized I thought it was cute, he started to abuse it. Now whenever I ask him to sit, it comes with a paw, especially when there are other dogs dividing my attention.

We're heading out on a red-eye tonight and Robin's going to wake up in warm sunny Florida! (I know we already live in a vacation destination but the feel is pretty different). We're spending two days at #globalpetexpo and then going on an amazing beach weekend sponsored by @stellaandchewys! Make sure to follow the fun on our story!

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Sun came out, dogs are happy!
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This picture really cracks me up because it looks for all the world like he's trying to be some kind of fancy pants show dog. In reality he was just standing there watching snow roll down the banks from Star's frantic digging escapades. Sure does make for perfect #tucklifetuesday fodder though! #americanindiandog #aidog #dogsofinstagram #dogphotography #hikingwithdogs #dogsthathike #adventuredog #fitdogsofig #fitdogsofinstagram

Seriously! Why are you so freaking gorgeous??? This morning I caught him checking himself out in the mirror, can you say vain?! *insert eyeroll here*
But honestly I feel very blessed to have such an amazing dog to spend my life with. Yes he's easy on the eyes, but he's also hardworking, funny, and so incredibly sweet. His breeders motto is "Brains, body and heart to do it all" and I think that fits Ego perfectly.
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Leo - If I close my eyes and just stand here, nothing's going to happen, right? 🌊😂🙊🌊

Leaving for an opposite climate and the different visual narratives of Charleston, Groton Plantation and Cumberland Island. Will miss my pack, but cannot wait for a change of pace. #isacattostudio #springbreak #destination —> #Charlestonbound , #GrotonPlantation and #CumberlandIsland

Pose for the camera? Never!

This is the place where I always scuba dived during the summer. The marine life is rich and corals are healthy. But I've never kayaked here before till now. Now I am hooked. *

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