GOOD NEWS!! Had a checkup today and the vet says I’m healing wonderfully!! So wonderfully, that I’m allowed to cut back on crate rest!!!! That means longer walks and more play time, as long as I don’t jump around or go upstairs. I’m healing so well that I don’t need my plasma injections for another four weeks!! I still have a little bit of scar tissue, but doc says that will heal on its own. Watch out world, I GET TO BE A NORMAL DOG AGAIN!!!!

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Keeping my parents up all night calls for nap time with my foxy 🦊💤
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Today I learned that my mom can’t catch me when I’m under the bed 😈 Swipe to see!
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Feeling bad to the bone in my new name tag 🐾 but still getting used to this walk thing
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We just love Macaroni; more than the pasta in a salad on a hot summer day and even more than his role in the Yankee Doodle Dandy song and even more than how it is used by preschoolers to make artwork on paper plates with some glue. And that is A LOT of love to be won by this sweet shy young man.
Macaroni is a black lab mix who is about 7 months old and 30 lbs now. He will likely be about 50 when he is full grown. He is about the cutest ever and sadly has not had a lot of positive interactions with us two legged folks and therefore remains a bit shy but he is coming around. Macaroni is a dream with the other dogs as one place he feels himself king of the world is when he is out playing with other dogs. No shyness and no hesitation there at all, just pure joy. As a result, this young man would do best in a home with another confident and secure dog to become a best bud, mentor and overall tour guide to the work of home living.
Macaroni is very sweet and gentle and is hopeful to find just that kind of home. We are most certain of his desire to be loved given the progress that he has already made. He crate manners are impeccable and he would never even know how to be demanding. He is a young guy, so will enjoy romping and walking with a canine friend either in the yard of the neighborhood. Once you have won his trust, there will be nothing that can shake the bond you will build with this noodle in a dog body!

To meet Macaroni please visit www.savinggracenc.org and submit an adoption request.
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Momma tried to wake me up this morning , but I had enough moxy to keep her at bay and now I’m back to snuggling on her pillow! 💗🐩. I might get up soon to guard the house but who knows! Happy Wednesday! #dogsofinstagram #dogsofraleigh #wednesdayvibes #sleepingin

How can you not fall in love with Myrtle? She wow'd another weekend host.

Myrtle is such a sweetheart. Once she warmed up to me and my dog, she was so cuddly and snorty. She even did OK with the cats.
If you think Myrtle might be the girl for you please submit an adoption request at www.savinggracenc.org. This girl is a treasure so act quickly, you don't want to miss out.

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Enjoy one minute of Bella trotting around the apartment on her nightly patrols! #shihtzu #dogsofraleigh #dogsofnc #dogsofthrtriangle #darlingpetunias

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