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Got the Monday blues - just stare into these baby blues and your day will get infinitely better! This is Bodie and he’s Mowgli’s new friend! We got to puppy sit him yesterday and he gets to stay with us for a few days this week! How awesome is that?!
#imightstealhim #puppylove #puppyfeverisreal #babyblueeyes #bluemerleaussie

My least favorite card to make, but I really mean it - to all my ailing pups, Get Well!

This lil piggy 🐷 is ready to #pawtydownonthefarm to celebrate Zeiss and Mallory's birthdays!🤠🎂 @zeiss_the_bull and @t_to_the_race And a Happy Birthday to Ace!🎈🎉 @ace_the_mini_bulldog ❤❤❤

When the dads go out of town without me, my friend @sarahsoveryrefreshing helps me make them feel guilty. And she spoils me rotten 😜

Bedtime snack! I love these braided bones! 😃😃😃💖 Rosa 💕 Sorry for the dark lighting, but it's late!

15 weeks old today! Her favorite things at this point in life are food, Piper's toys, and more food. Oh, and she likes food! 😉


Big Huntin’ Fool got some poor birdies last week 🦆🦆🦆
#dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogsofminnesota #labsofinstagram

You guys, I did it! 😆🎉

My mom took embarrassing photos of me for a Halloween Costume Contest for @dogsofmsp . If you think I’m cute, could you go and “like” this photo on their Facebook page? (Link in my bio.) My mom and I could win some cool prizes. Thanks Instagram friends! 💗🐶🐾🐕 #NikonD600
#adoptdontshop #rescuedogsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #dogsofmsp #dogsofmn #dogsofminnesota #dogsofstpaul #australiancattledogrescuemn #catahoulaleoparddog #catahoulasofinstagram #mydogisasidewalkdog
#hikingwithdogs #dogsthathike
#campingwithdogs #dogsthatcamp

Went up north again today and it was FREEZING. I think I caught a chill. It was so windy and cold and really felt like snow. Not ready for winter!!! .
I think Titan was extra thankful for his tummy warmer from @voyagersk9apparel today to help take the edge off!

Man I dunno about the science but I think someone mixed some kangaroo in with this Great Dane

It’s this little nugget’s gotcha day! Finley came home 7 years ago today as a 2 year old with the name Tramp. His whole body except for his face was shaved because he was found as a stray, completely covered in mats. I had no idea what he would look like once his fur grew back. As it turns out, he’s the cutest panda I’ve ever seen.🐼
He’s been my guy through a lot - good and bad. We were fortunate enough to be able to be coworkers for a while - that was pretty great. He loves frozen pineapple and a little stuffed bear that sings “Wild Thing” when squeezed (it originally came with a bouquet of flowers). I like to think he enjoys it when I sing-talk to him instead of just talk - I’m not positive on that one though. He wears a bow tie at all times and definitely does not like to be touched while sleeping (but he’s all about getting up in your space when you’re the one sleeping).
Tonight he got raw grass-fed, organic ribeye and baby broccoli for dinner. He didn’t eat his broccoli. We let him get away with it because it’s his day - and his sister Sophie ate it for him.
I love you, buddy!

Got a massage at work today... because being a dog is hard work!

It's starting to get cold here in #Minneapolis! Taking a break from my CEO duties to fix the furnace in my house.

Got an A+ from the vet today. She says I'm in tip top shape! Thanks for the yummy treats @stpaulpet. Can't wait to come back! #aussiepuppy #australianshepherd #aussiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #australianshepherdworld #dogsofminnesota

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