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Look at that face 😍😘

cookies make me smile

The weather here is crazy! 60-70F two weeks ago, 90 last week, and under 70 this week. Aqua's fur is totally confused whether it should be in the Summer mode or Spring mode😣
#SheddingToTheMax #ImActuallyAllergicToDogs #SneezeAttackToTheMax

I love you insta world! (Wink wink) 😉 watch til the end and you will get it! #emojisinthewild 😋😍

Next time someone asks you how much you weigh, tell them one hundred and sexy. #Skechers25CAN #WorldSkechersDay #Partner @Skechers.Canada


It's a hard knock life 😋

Guess who's back ❤️

Brothers Max & Ollie looking very handsome after their haircuts today. 🐶🐾🐶 #cavaliers #groomerlife #doggroomers #dogsofinstaworld #haircut

Everyday snuggling 💤

Make me perform so many tricks....think Cirque du Soleil ah😏🙄🙄🙄

shoutout to @kmartaus for this awesome new bed my hooman randomly decided to get last night. never mind that I kept trying to climb on it as she was putting it together... 😇🛏

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