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Look I'm a flowery princess

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From @gentrykhomolik: "Love my lil buddy ❤️" #cutepetclub

Up until just this past weekend, this was me too scared to go down stairs! Thanks to our Stowe pug sitter @ericaciaraldi, I'm no cowardly lion anymore! 🦁 -Milo💛

Richi the Son of Kaya 😘💞😘😍❤️
Video credit : @kaya_gsd

Tag your favorite leg

All bundled up and ready for bed! 💕🐾 Good night everyone! 💫🌒🌙

Handsome frequent flyer ✈️

By @coco.ai_mama

Sometimes it's better to not think about things too much and just go for it.

Case in point: @whiskyrider

I started to see him as #Poochy from #Nintendo 😂🐶
Neckerchief: @longdogclothing

From: @goldenbaloo

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Dying 😂😂❤ (@dogsbeingbasic)

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TFW when ball-less life.
[📸: @maxxchewning]

🐽💗🐽💗🐽💗🐽 I wish I knew why she loved this specific toy so much. Maybe because it looks a bit like her 😄🙈
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All our safes our full....need to acquire 2 more. Suggestions on safe manufacturers?


"I keep looking down, trying to find some of my snow, but there isn't any around. That makes me sad. 😪" - Sinatra

"How about you? What do you miss?
Tell me about it with the hashtag #alfrescodog on Instagram." - Sinatra

Dear Chicken, you're my favourite daydream. Love, Ned. 💭🍗

Day 34: When I get tired I just get my daddy to carry me around instead (while he still can) ☺️ #polarbearsammy #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #samoyed

My favorite part of spring? Dinners on the patio! What's yours?

Mommys head massages😍#starskythegoldie ----------------------------------------
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Donut mess with this cutie! 🍩 #CLpets #dogsofinstagram #regram @lonestarpups

🚨 SOS. I am officially teething and it is terrible. I am so restless and chewing everything I come across (including mom and dad). Any puppy parents with tips on how to make this a little less painful for me? I love ice cubes, but I eat them so quickly and they make me have to pee a lot. 🙈 My mom feels so bad for me. Help! 🤕👎🏼


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