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Angels are real.
By @mississippi_golden_girls 🐎

Successful transfer #shred (@skylerthesurfingdog x @surfdogteddy )

So cute 😍😂
(Sound 🔊)

Credit @caspertheweatherdog 🐶
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A growing long dog 👌 @kiwi_the_teenie_weenie #longdog #onlyababy

"When love is the question, dog is the answer" - Fred ❤️🐾🐶

Hourly beauty naps really help rejuvenate my fur. #CorgiBeautyTips
We had an incredible time in Puerto Rico. Huge thanks to @doradobeachreserve for pampering me all weekend! 🌴☀️

Profiter de chaque jour comme si c'était dimanche ! 😎 🐶🌻 📷 @dario_dincecco
#GoProFR #GoPro #HERO5 #chien #dogsofinstagram #GoProIT

Soaking it up!
From @griffgonegram
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Todo lo necesadio pada una dica ensalada: guacate, queso, rúgula, y pedito fesco #PichuSonreído 🐶🐶🐶 The perfect salad: avocado, some cheese, arugula and a fresh little dog #SmileyPichu

😩 When you aren't getting all the attention at any given moment 💁😂 #diva

[📽️] Post walk routine. ❄️ #elvisinthefridge

Cuteness overload ❤️

Tur att Stockholms bästa veterinär har två helcoola hundar som lugnar oroliga patienter! Plexus skulle bara få öronen kollade men tycker att det är läskigt. Otto och Isak leker med honom och lugnar. 😍 Tack Christina Bonnier! So glad our vet has two cool dogs who keep worried patients calm. Plexus ears were a bit irritated and needed to be checked and playing with Otto and Isak was so much fun! #leonberger #springerspaniel #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #puppiespedia #leonbergeroftheday #leonbergersofinstagram #bästaveterinären #bestvet

NOW are you with fur???? #lovetrumpshate

Awww he’s good at it! 😍

This is for our poor fur babies that so neglected. The pile of stuffies is totally inspired by @pugridesshotgun's, probably one of the most neglected puggies on instagram...
Para todos nuestros bebés peludos que los tenemos tan abandonados. El montón de peluches está inspirado en @pugridesshotgun que probablemente sea el carlinito menos mimado de instagram...

Parece que terei concorrência na categoria fofura aqui na minha própria página 😉#dogsandbabies #MelhorIrmão #connectingdogsandpeople #dogsofinstagram

"We like to travel in packs."
📷 & caption: @canineadventurecamp

How do I get hired 🤔

Back to school day.. 😊
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Working. Ugh.
#kidding I loves you @decodedadv

"Cookie! This is MY kale salad!" - Me, every time I eat kale salad around Cookie. Really, though. 📷 by @sarahsweeneyco for #LoveRealFood

Any dog can be a guide dog if you don't care where you're going 🤷🏾‍♀️
Memes @Pavlovmemes

Pavlov doesn't cuddle with us bc he hates our guts
Tag someone who cuddles themselves
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