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last tuesday was 6 months. i miss you, my stinky boy 💓

“Whatever you do, do with purpose.”
This simple idea is one that I let drive me and my approach to dog training.
Just like us, our dogs are always learning. Whether we like it or not they are always observing patterns.
This means whether we want to train them or not, we are training them. Whether we are actively training them or not, we are training them.
It is because of this that we should always be mindful of what we are teaching our dogs, and what we are giving them. Especially if they struggle with problem behaviors.
If we give them all the good stuff willingly and for free, then where is the motivation to make the right choice, the hard choices, when it matters?
Play with your dogs, but play with purpose, train them with purpose and even when you are just relaxing with them, be mindful of the message you give them.
Whatever you do, do it with purpose.

Sunday vibes all day 💕

And just like that, the weekend is over 😯

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