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I think Holly and Juneau's favorite time of year is Spring, because they look happy 24/7 when they can roll around in mud and go for a swim in the ponds all the time 😅
What distractions do you use to get your dogs to look into the camera? I usually make weird noises or I use treats such as the ones from @cannapet! I had a Turkey Dinner biscuit in my hand for this photo!

Last chance to enter the @popyourpup giveaway. We decided to extend it one extra day. Giveaway will end 12am PST.
For more information on how to enter check my previous post.
Winners will be announced Friday.

Miso: I love you Mochi! You always smells so good!
Mochi: You know it's just full of your saliva from when we play right?
#goldenmochimiso #throwback

When #eyebrowsonfleek and nowhere to go. Just a little giggle we hope to provide during this difficult time #prayformanchester #🇬🇧 .
#england our daddy's homeland .

Who else is excited for berry season?
#berryliciousswiss @frei_style @vanillacrunnch

......Wasn't me 🙈 😂 #GuiltyFace #TheStatelyHound
Photography: @tobias.mila

Smiling? Or talking back? You decide 😉
#throwbackthursday #throwback #tbt


Happy much?

My dogs just LOVE warm weather and sunshine. Can't you tell?

It's been such a beautiful day, what have you all been up to? ✨ #DogsOfGreatBritain
Photography: @jodilunnphotography

He is a gentle boy with a kind heart. The moment he enters the room there's a feeling of warmth mixed with pure joy.
Having a bad emotional day, he knows what to do.
Walks slowly towards you already knowing where he will lay-close to you.
He gently rests his head near your body giving you the comfort and love you may need.
He keeps that same position while he closes his beautiful dark brown eyes.
Everything around you is silent so you can hear and feel his heart beat. Then you know that does couple seconds is all you needed.
He loves you. You are not alone, he alleviated your pain and your stress away.
And that's why I have a Watson in my life.

There have been reported cases of Leptosporosis here in Tucson recently. We have not had any cases at our boarding kennel but to be on the safe side we will be closing down our two fields for two weeks, and until it gets hotter. Leptosporosis is a zoonotic bacterial disease that is spread through infected urine. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, and lethargy, in the mild cases. If left too long it can cause renal failure and liver damage. Leptosporosis is easy to eliminate through regular means of disinfecting and the extreme heat will also rid an area of it.
We are not requiring that dogs boarding with us get the vaccine, at this time, but we highly recommend it, to keep your pups safe. We also recommend you keep your dogs out of high traffic areas, such as dog parks, until it gets warm enough that Leptosporosis is no longer a threat. We are able to keep all dogs separated and out of contact with each other for the time being but if cases persist, it may be added to our required vaccinations to board. Our team disinfects each run, inside and out, every time a dog goes home and before a new dog enters and the highly effective disinfectants we use will eliminate bacterial threats. We do our best to make sure your pets’ stay here is a happy and safe one and we will redouble all efforts during this time. This means your dogs will not be getting their usual play time on our fields but they still have plenty of room to get exercise in their runs and we feel it is in every dogs’ best interest. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Hey Leute:)
Es geht leider mit dem Spiel noch nicht weiter weil ein paar noch nicht geschrieben haben ob sie weiter oder raus sind...
Naja heute ging nicht viel.
Daya war mit meiner Mutter und mit meiner Schwester bei meinen Großeltern & ich hab daheim gelernt.. yeeeahhh.
Danach hab ich noch mit meinem Bruder unsere neue Hängematte aufgebaut.
Wir lernen außerdem einen neuen Trick und zwar 'Schäm dich' auf Inspiration von @chico.thepom
Klappt eigentlich schon ganz gut😊
Also dann schönen Abend und bis morgen❤😏
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Kyra dando língua 😂😂😂 ------------------------------------------
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