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From @goldentaiia: "Omg! Nobody stops him anymore 😱🙈"#insta_dogs

That's my bed 👊😀😀
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From @ellie_goldenretriever: "When you get caught having too much fun 😄😜" #insta_puppies

📽 from @girlwithacellphone
🐶🐶 Shop for Dog 👉 @happypetclub bio

From @shibameetsworld: "Hello World 🌍 Daddy is so much fun to play with ☺️🐺" #insta_pups

Fluffy dog ❤
🎬: @mademoisellecrone

RIP sweet Luna, you will be missed.. Zuko is trying to get her play. She developed cancer last winter😓❄ Tag a friend to show the beautiful relationship between two woofer 🐺 friends💙
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They are twinning 😂
From: uknown (DM for credit)


The pass-off notes her parents left us said, "she'd almost rather relax with you than exercise with you." You know how to weekend, Parzana. #besthouseguest #dogsitting #bestfriendmaterial

My little Jim went too his forever home today.

Saturday morning puppy love 😍🐶 #playtime #dogsitting #dogsofinstagram

Budget tip: trade watching dogs with your friends so you don't have to pay to board them. My wife is allergic to dogs but thankfully all three of these guys are hypoallergenic. #dogsitting #tradeservices #doafavor #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #maltese #bichonfrise #teddybeardog

Pretty pupper😍
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Game of bones 🐶
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