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"What?? I don't like getting my ears or paws wet, okay?!" ~ Crusoe

Dogs do speak, but only to those who love to listen
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#mondaymotivation Bakasana Tutorial! I asked on my stories for people to request what they needed help on and I got a lot of requests for Crow pose otherwise known as Crane Pose or Bakasana.
In this video, I show the 4 options to enter from the ground:

1. Beginner or lack of hip flexibility this is for you!Get very low to the ground and hug your knees to outside of arms.
2. Bend the arms like a shelf and rest knees on triceps. Remember to gaze forward!
3. Starting from bent arms, try to lean forward as you straighten the arms. This takes a lot of core and wrist flexibility so make sure you are warmed up!
4. Start with straight arms, bend the knees and place them into your armpits. Lean forward until feet become light.
Remember your gaze is forward not at your feet!! The key with this pose is always about finding ease. If you have to hop or jump into it, you haven't found the balance point. Once you lean forward enough, your feet should become light and you should be able to simply float them up. Don't rush the process because gaining the strength and flexibility along the journey is what is necessary for you to be able to do this pose. TAG SOMEONE who would like this video!
Practice online with me at omstars.com or take a workshop with me. Next cities I'm visiting are Milwaukee and New Jersey!
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Milo uses his big-boy bark to warn us of the dangerous birdie on the lawn. #histailtho

Heeey, Stella, while we're gone, if you can just make sure to not fall asleep with any fires goi--oh boy. #itllbefine #truststella #dognamedstella
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Best friends always stick together. And in some cases, literally ❤️😂
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👼🏼Puppies are life changing 🐥They make your world light up! 🔅🔆🌏 #BronxBabes #addiction

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Dewey the living heater #dogs #warm

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