Regrann from @lindablairwf - Wonderful middle aged dogs are being dumped in the shelters and left at the mercy of rescuers or they die for no good reason. Shame on society for doing this!
Quite simply, the pet overpopulation and the amount of animals in the shelters weighs on us daily. It is becoming overwhelming to all of us involved in rescue and we have to continually beg for your support to help us to help these animals that have done nothing wrong except end up in a shelter where they cannot get out without our aid. Every week dogs over five years all the way up to senior dogs are dumped in the shelters for society, rescuers, shelters and taxpayer dollars to pay for what the former owner will not and cannot deal with because they don’t feel like it.
Every week it is brought to our attention a variety of senior dogs that are sitting there hopeful and then they end up broken down, curled up in a ball, resigning to not understand what happened to them. They then fall into a massive depression. I have been wishing to open the senior center at LBWF but we are overwhelmed with all the animals that are highly adoptable and the financial extent is overwhelming every month.
We save seniors here and there and add to our 21 dogs that are over 6 years old. Not many are interested in adopting them because they want the younger dogs. If it breaks your heart as much as it does ours, please make a donation today and put in the message bar for the senior group. There are two dogs currently in the shelters begging to get out and they deserve to live.
Donations can be made here by copying and pasting http://www.lindablairworldheart.org/donate/
Or through our Found Animals Crowdrise Saving Pets Challenge: https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/linda-blair-worldheart-foundation
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Regrann from @semplicemente_lela - 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😰😰😰😰😰😰❤❤❤🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘Regrann from @lidasezolbia - Olbia, 18.05.2018
E' arrivato stasera con il servizio di cattura dell' #ATSSardegna . Chi abita vicino alle poste di Via Cherubini ad #Olbia lo avrà visto tante volte, sempre di fronte a casa sua. Chi abita in via Barcellona alta lo avrà visto.
Chi ha fatto la #segnalazione ? Chi si è preso la responsabilità di far finire i suoi giorni al #rifugio ? Perchè dico questo? Non ha #chip e se il suo proprietario lo reclamerà dovrà pagare all'ATS Sardegna 170,00 euro di #sanzioni !!!!!! Perché avete fatto questo? Non è giusto che sia sempre libero, ma dove abita lui è una strada poco trafficata, sempre di fronte alla sua casa. E' un #vecchietto con il pelo tutto arruffato. Povero nonnino, cosa ti hanno fatto!!!!!!! E' al nostro rifugio, tristissimo. Quando vedete un cane che gira libero prima di farlo rinchiudere chiedete alle persone del posto.
Questo non è amore per gli animali!!!! Contatti 3334312878 - lidaolbia@tiscali.it
Per spedizione aiuti
LIDA Sez. Olbia - rifugio I Fratelli Minori
Località Colcò n. 13 - 07026 Olbia (OT)
Estremi per donazione http://www.lidaolbia.it/donazioni.html
- c/c BANCARIO c/o Banca Prossima Filiale di Milano
IBAN IT12N0335901600100000003505
- c/c POSTALE 12304697 IBAN IT27U0760117200000012304697
Intestati a Lega Italiana dei Diritti dell’Animale L.I.D.A Sez. Olbia
- PAYPAL lidaolbia@tiscali.it

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Tracy was found locked in a boxcar train at the Mexico-US border. She was suffering in pain from a horrible infection and starving to death. No one knows how she got there or how long she was left without food or water.
• • •
Border agents found her and knew she wouldn't survive going to a shelter because she was so sick and weak. They reached out to a local rescuer and SNARR was contacted to take Tracy in. She was rushed to the vet only to discover that her infection is actually a sexually transmitted disease that, if left untreated, turns into cancer. They are still waiting for biopsy results, but the doctor said this is the worst case she has ever seen. Tracy's vaginal area literally has holes that have eaten away at the skin and she is urinating out of them. Despite her horrendous condition, Tracy is still as sweet as can be.
• • •
Right now, vets need to get her infection under control. If the biopsy comes back as cancer (this outcome is what vets suspect), Tracy will need nine chemo treatments to give her a chance at a new life.
• • •
Tracy needs our help more than ever. Any donation will help pave the road to recovery for her. Please consider donating to her medical care and/or sending her a cozy bed and blanket so she knows what it’s like to feel loved!
• • •
Tracy’s fundraiser link is located in bio of @poundwishes
Please share on your social media platforms to garner the funding which is needed for Tracy’s recovery.
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Being a dog volunteer at elephant nature park has been an unforgettable experience. Seeing how much care and love these dogs get is truly inspiring. We all should try a little harder to help the creatures suffering on this planet. A truly incredible place!
Also Sky is a beautiful dog...
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RIP our sweet girl ❤️
Update on dog left in abandoned house: We are very, very sad to inform you that the sweet girl we rescued from an empty house this morning did not make it.
She was too weak already, her feces was black & she was already in critical condition yesterday morning when the team rescued her.
We wanted her to get better so badly so we could show her that not all people are cruel & so we could give her a great life.
Unfortunately that did not happen & we are so sorry we could not do more. Thank you Toey for reporting & thank you TM JAAN team in Bandung for your quick action.
Selamat Jalan anak manis ❤️
Update anjing yang ditinggal di rumah. Kami amat sedih untuk menginformasikan pada kalian bahwa pagi ini ia tidak bisa bertahan.
Ia terlalu lemah. Wajahnya sudah hitam. Dan sudah dalam keadaan kritis ketika team Mereacue.
Padahal kami harap utk membuatnya lebih baik supaya kita bisa menunjukan padanya tidak semua manusia jahat dan bisa memberi nya kehidupan yg lebih baik.
Sayangnya itu gagal terjadi dan kami mohon maaf belum bisa berbuat banyak. Terimakasih Toey telah mereport dan terimakasih team TM JAAN di Bandung utk aksi cepat.

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JAAN got a report from our friend this morning regarding a dog that was left behind in an empty house in Bandung and he is so weak that he cant even stand up .
Our JAAN team in Bandung ( TM team ) left straight away to rescue the dog and just arrived at the location . updates will follow !
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