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Pack Leashes is looking for the world's next top dog models and yours could be it! If you think your pup could be in the running please email photos of your little star to 📧 PACKLEASHES@GMAIL.COM 📧
Pack Leashes makes super durable dog leashes out of climbing rope and carabiners, and for every sale they donate 2 pounds of dog food to an animal shelter in need! Make sure to follow @packleashes to keep up with the cutest of adventure pups! @packleashes
Model @thatbully_rosie

Mój dzik kochany 😍😎 #americanbullyxl #dog #dogpark #dogeyes

So what are you doing Friday Night?


Two of our passions, dogs and recycling! We are excited to announce that from today forward when you receive a package from Collars4Change, it will he made of 100% recycled materials! 🐶♻️✌️ #changinglives #recycle

Morning strolls 🌞 #wagwalkingdc

"Do we have the leave the park? :("

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