We are just a few days away from my mom’s @celestialbodiez new release! I am pure inspiration for this new Dog mom line. I am the center of the universe so it’s just a natural progression. Check out these new pet pullovers guys! There will be available on Black Friday!
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I see a lot of new faces on my page so I think it’s time to do a little introduction!

My name is Maureen and I am a mama to two wild boys and two German shepherds! I am 29 years old, and I am married to my best friend. I’m an only child. I’ve spent almost my entire life in Central New York, minus two years spent upstate where you can see 🇨🇦 I live in yoga pants and sports bras unless I’m on my boat (which is all summer long)! I love cinnamon buns and rice krispie treats, but I also can’t go with out fruits and veggies. I love spicy anything, including margaritas and martinis. I prefer a craft beer over wine. I will reorganize my dishwasher if you do it wrong! I never imagined I’d live by cows and now I go for walks by “bessy boo and her friends” every day (thats what my boys all the cows 😂)! My favorite spot at my house is my deck swing.

I recently started to consider myself a morning person and as a result you can usually find me sleeping before 10pm. I also like to clarify morning person means 6:30-7ish to me. I am a perfectionist trying hard not to be. I enjoy cooking WITH A RECIPE. When my husband and I cook we cook for a small army, so come on over sometime. We love to entertain. •
I love traveling, but haven’t done much since having children. The St. Lawrence River has a special place in my heart. I enjoy fishing but I won’t touch the 🐠 🐟, so I often read while the boys fish with daddy. I love trying new foods and will try almost anything once. Summer is my favorite season but c’mon those fall colors are just right🍁 •
I’m a Le Moyne Dolphin and played lacrosse in college. Go Phins 🐬 My degree is in psychology. By trade I work per diem as a crisis social worker in two emergency departments. Between the two facilities I work just shy of full-time. I work all shifts: days, evenings, and nights between 8-16 hour shifts. I quit working full time about two years ago due to the high cost of childcare and wanting to spend more time at home with my boys. Now that my mom is retired she helps with childcare, so I’ve been trying to narrow down where and when I plan to return to full time employment. •
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Attempting family self-portraits with my phone as a remote is not an easy feat! Especially with all that snow!! This photo is an outtake but I love it.
Everyone is caught being exactly themselves. I’m tinkering trying to figure something out, Steph is lovingly being supportive, Maybelle is looking for squirrels. This is my little family.
This photo is taken right outside the back door at my Dads house. He really lives in a winter wonderland.
I’m so grateful that we both have this entire week off and we get to spend time catching up with family.

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"Hey, buddies! I'm over here, in the back. 👋 Can you see me? 😄
I just found out that November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month. Now, I don't know if you're planning to adopt a senior pet, but I'm pretty sure you can spare a hashtag to help them, right? 🙂" - Sinatra

"We're asking you to share your love for senior pets using #ISupportSeniorPets. For every use of #ISupportSeniorPets, we will be donating $1, up to $5000, to our Journey Home Fund partners to help support senior dogs and cats." - @stellaandchewys

"Yay! Help me spread the word, buddies. We will all become seniors someday. 🧓👵 Let's make sure they receive the full amount. 🤗
Have a wonderful day!" - Sinatra
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