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oh hi 🐶

Happy 6th Birthday Homie & Dude! ❤️🐾🎂They're growing up so fast. 😩 It's a PB, graham cracker, yogurt cake and you bet your ass I sampled it. 🤷🏻‍♀️🎈 #Wolfpack #homieanddude #furbabybirthday #dogmom #dogsofinstagram

My great big giant spotted dog thought it was cute to go run in the red clay outside tonight... He came inside and ran all over the wood flooring and my carpets... So I thought it would be cute to make him take a bubble bath. #dogmom #IdontPLAY 😊


How freaking epic is this?! Get yours made with your pup at @popyourpup

How is this goat flying 😂
Tag a friend! 😂
From: @thedodo


Logan was feeing the love at The Pour House! 💗#ThePourHouse #lovemydog #lovemycotondetulear #cotonsofinstagram #dogmom

Teddy sure has a talent for sticking his tongue out 👅😋😍 #myboy #dogmom #lovehim #cutiepie

Yesterday, this lovely little fellow turned 9 years old and today, he went into surgery because of a small, (supposed) hormonal tumor. All went well, they got rid of the tumor (and some bad teeth,too) and he is home, sleeping the anethesia off. The tumor has to be analyzed, but if it's hormonal, it's pretty likely that it will be benign.
As he lays on the couch, a little bloody and completely groggy, my heart is bursting with love for Picco. Piccolo is my first own dog, a scruffy, stubborn, sensitive little fellow, who can be a hyperactive pain in the ass, who likes to listen to commands when his dachshund side tells him to... he got the most soulful eyes, and the most joyful wagging tail, he can be so funny. He trusts me, no matter what and when he lays his head against me, I just melt. Cross your fingers that the doglove of my life will be okay again in no time! 🤞♥️🐶
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We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot. :

Leaving my job
Moving across the country to Silicon Valley
Erik leaving his job
Getting pregnant & miscarrying
Rescuing a dog
were really scary moments. : "You're a heavenly design and a woman of great worth. God loves you simply because you're genuinely you. Sometimes He'll guide you to do things that are out of your comfort zone. He'll send you on a mission or direct your path in ways you'll never dreamed would happen. :

Each time you answer with a willing heart to take his direction, you experience more of the abundance that this life has to offer. You become more of what He knew you could be. When you leave the door open for new ideas, new choices, even those you might face with a little fear and trembling, you are rewarded by an even greater understanding of God's faithfulness." :

My devotion was amazing today and wanted to share. 😘 :

Erik and I have made huge decisions over this last year and we have become stronger become of them. We take leaps, but it's never easy. I just wanted to share some encouragement with you. If you feel scared and worried, keep on pressing. ❤️ You've survived all of your hardest days so far. #wonderboywyatt

Not missing us even a little bit while we're on vacation...

Unapologetically Brodie #myboys #brodieoliver #dogmom #suchabaddog

Mason is the best door bell. He always can tell when someone he loves is on there way up to our apt! 😍 #puppylove #plottingtheway

It's my baby Thorondor's adoption day! Also celebrated as his third BIRTHDAY!! Three years ago I woke up this date giddy for the new love that was entering my heart. This boy has been my everything the past three years. Though the years have been tough and all kinds of hectic and heartbreaking and renewed, he's been my bestest buddy old pal. Happy 3rd bday to Thor! Wish he understood what all my excitement was about, but he's a dog. So I share it with y'all. ❤️🎈
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Loving our anti-stress formula! I'm not usually a very chill person 😜, but this has definitely helped calm me down! 💆And an another amazing thing about it is when I do sleep (i.e. When Owen is sleeping lol) I sleep 😴 very soundly! Yay for plant 🌱 based solutions! 💚#plantbased #antistress #stressfree #stressfreelife #mommyslittlesecret #momlife #boymom #healthy #bossbabe #confianza #toddlerlife #dogmom

My cheeks are a little pink! Arm day today! 😉 Alright ladies!
It all starts with you & your mind. We have a lot of outside influencers & influences, but it's up to us which ones we want to affect us.
A little back story!
I had always been a shy individual. It definitely started in high school, granted I hung out with the wrong crowd. With a VERY low self-esteem, I always cared about what others thought of me. So it stopped me from doing a lot. I SLOWLY started getting out of my comfort zone senior year of high school, because I had met my now husband, at my first job.
Fast forward to now, I will admit, I still suffered with a low self-esteem, depression and high anxiety throughout the years. But, since recently, because of this coaching business (& A LOT of Jesus!), a lot has turned around! I have a much higher self-esteem, something I never thought would be possible! My "triggers" of anxiety and depression are a lot less then before because of what I'm doing! I have more energy! I am much happier in life! I sleep better! The list goes ON!! Being able to not only SEE, but FEEL the changes is incredible! I'll admit, trying to build up the courage to post even something as simple as this is a challenge! But sometimes, you just have to jump for it!😜 Ladies, it really is possible to turn everything around! But it needs to start with YOU. There may be a lot of cheesiness to things, but who really cares! Cheesiness can be very motivational! It gets me pumped, that's for sure!

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it! It worked for me as well as many other coaches! Keep doing what you are doing and if you need some guidance and/or reassurance, don't hesitate to ask and reach out! We are all here for each other! We are all here for the same goal and that is to build and maintain a healthier lifestyle! Positive change! We can do this, do not give up! You WILL get your results!
With love xo
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We all have thousands of pics of our pups on our phones but how cool would it be to have a one of a kind piece from @glasshouseartllc !!! Check out their IG which links to their FB with more info! 🐶🐾#puppypals #puppypalsapp #dogsofatl #dogsofatlanta #dogsofinstagram #dogmom #dogdag #dogparent #dog #dogs #bredinatlanta #download #apple #app #atlanta #dogsofatlanta #doglover #dogfriendly #atlstartup #dogpeoplegetit #glasshouseart

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