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'The Pursuit of Desire', oil on canvas, 140x140cm. Happy Birthday to my beloved boxer dog Jax, 11 years old today! #77 #dogmodel @boxergram

Boop 👆
📷: @fur.iends
🐶: Treeing Walker Coonhound mix

Smilla, the dingo-mix on the left, is not an easy dog to live with. Especially at the start she was extremely grumpy and she bit me each of the first 7 days we got to know her. She was extremely grumpy towards Ninja and disciplined him with growling and snarling as he even moved in my house.
But over time she came to love us both and it is totally different now. Grumpy girl comes for cuddles, asks for attention and in Ninjas case stops and repels aggressive dogs that want to attack him.
It is interesting to see the difference between a wildborn wild canid and Ninja who is 100% pure dog...
I can run Ninja offleash in unknown territority, can recall him from dashing after animals, he stays close, waits for us, does not leave the path... he obbeys because he loves me...
Smilla is a world of difference... @itsadingolife describes the life with Smilla really well.
It just never thought that she would ever care about is this much... she gets nervous when she can't see us, would even leave her raw food behind if we move too far...
I misunderstood her totally at the start... now i love her, too and again she stands at my side and asks for ❤❤

I smell... the weekend! 🤣👯💓
We are going to Whistler today and dad said maybe there is still some snow ❄️☃ I thought: but it's #Spring 🌼 #🌸 However, we are in #Canada #🇨🇦 after all 😅🤣🤣🤣
What are your plans for the #weekend ? 😊☺️🐶🐕

Hoje é um dia muito especial 😍😍 É o meu aniversário!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Há dois anos vim ao mundo pra trazer alegria na vida dos que me rodeiam, fui muito feliz, brinquei, comi muitos petiscos, aprontei de montão e fiz muitas amizades.. papai do céu me abençoe pra que eu viva por muitos e muitos anos! 💙 Lambeijos pra vocês meus amores! 😘😍❤

Boa tarde galerinha... austou tentando desfilar e lá vem mamãe com esse celular, audio! Austou lindo ou muito cão esse moletom da @tribodaspatas ?! A próxima foto austarei bad dog😎📸🐶TED

And this one is Mine. #friyay

Swipe➡️ Happy Friday!!!! I'm loving my forever home. During the mornings I stay on my own with all my favorite toys, or should I say Guinness's toys🙊, when mom comes back I have the place all messed up😬 but she has to admit that it's better being a bit disorganized rather than 💩 and 💦 all over the place, I'm a quick learner and I don't do those kind of mistakes😅 I've got to go now, Happy Friday 😘. Ah!!! Before I forget, We would like to wish our buddy Theo a happy happy birthday 🎈🎈🎈 Love you Theo, have a super duper Birthday @theo.havanese .

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Ganhei essa flor de um admirador e não pude deixar de usá-la 😊🌸


Fort Worth Trinity River with my @packleashes

"Goonies never say die!" ☠️ #GooniesForLife

Kd Billy!?

I love these windows too buddy. #100daysofnotforgetting #the100dayproject

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