Beautiful Dulcie the Biewer Terrier 💝

Pretty Dana the 3 year old Miniature Schnauzer had her Bi-Annual teeth cleaning! It’s so important to take care of your pups oral health from a young age. 💕

Brushing my teeth before bedtime! Daddy has to use his finger because I hate toothbrushes! #doggiedental #dogtoothbrush #dogsofinstagram #havapoo #havapoosofinstagram #poodlemix #poodlesofinstagram #pnwdogs #rescuedog #tasteslikechicken #cleanteeth

Dental health is critical to overall health in my patients.
Tartar like this can seed bacteria to other organs in the body like the heart and the liver. It can also cause local infection at the roots of the teeth. The odor from tartar like this can be very impressive.

Brushing daily is the best thing you can do to cut down on tartar buildup but once it gets to this point scaling and polishing while anesthetized is the only thing you can do.
This dog did not have any abscessed teeth, so a good cleaning and he feels 2 years younger.
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Feeling a bit groggy still, but I’m happy to report it went well and only had to have the one broken pre-molar pulled! #schnoxie #doggiedental #cleanteeth

Having trouble deciding which toothbrush is best? Good news...there is no “best” toothbrush! There are many different sizes and types and whatever you will be able to get in your dog’s mouth and brush with is the way to go. So just remember “whichever toothbrush you will actually use is the one you should choose.” 😁
This has been a public service announcement from Dogtor P. Gracie.
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There is nothin’ like a Grade 3 *uncomplicated* dental. Soooo satisfying. 😍🤓 #PeriodontalDisease #DoggieDental #RVTLife

Luna the Chihuahua MinPin Cross 💜🐾

In honor of dental month, William pulls his own baby tooth! 😂 Receive 20% off of cleaning for August! *no humans were harmed in the making of this video*

Our 12 days of deals also includes grooming specials! Call today and book an appointment for today through August 17th and receive a free dental with any bath or groom! Appointments must be made today to receive this deal! Offer good while appointments are available! #12yearanniversary #doggiedental #bulldog #piglet💕

I was going through my phone to delete some vids to make storage for new vids ... because I was going to post a yoga vid ... #storyofmylife ...
This made me laugh and smile and I watched it over and over again so def. will not be deleting.
I’ve been making little vids of my animals since before the gram just to have as memories + I’d say half my photo album is of Zeus and Kitty doing “boring” cat and dog things which I happen to find completely fascinating. 💁🏼‍♀️
So here you go. Typical behavior of me and “Zu”, from me to you! 💓
Name change coming soon! Just trying to decide between a few. Suggestions welcome!! 🙌🏼🙏🏼🔮✨

Pippa getting some dental love @freshbreathdoggiedental
Thank you Brian for the great job.

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Dental care is important! I love my CET chews! - Oliver
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What's the biggest disease culprit I see in most dogs, regardless of age, breed, sex and immune status?
Dental disease.
It may sound surprising, but more than 3 out of 4 dogs over the age of 3 have oral disease.
If not addressed immediately and thoroughly, dental disease can strip your pets of not only their teeth, but their overall health.
Poor dental care – the main culprit – can weaken the surface of your pet’s gums. This breakdown of gum tissue allows mouth bacteria to enter your pet’s bloodstream and travel throughout his body.
Unfortunately, this oral bacteria is potent and is usually hardy enough to resist attacks by your pet’s immune system. Unchecked, the oral bacteria can ultimately affect multiple organ systems, including your pet’s heart.
Proper oral care, including regular brushing and professional dental checkups, is obviously the first and most important step you must take to help protect your pet.
There’s something else you can do to help keep your dog’s teeth clean, in addition to regular brushing.  But unlike brushing, this is something he enjoys, and will likely even look forward to...
Dental Sticks....we all like to treat our dogs, well treat and clean all in one...assorted flavours $1.50ea or 5 for $5
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Have you heard? August is DENTAL MONTH! You will receive a #FREE exam to make sure your babies are healthy enough to undergo the #dentalcleaning procedure. We will also be able to give you a dental estimate on what they need done, you will then receive 20% OFF of your cleaning! 😱💙 Don't waste time, spots always fill up when we run dental promos. Schedule your appointment today by calling us at, (352) 624-0300 🐾

Tripe twist sticks are fully packed with probiotics that help with your pets dental and digestion. Many in stock. #petbakery #dogchews #doglocal #doggiedental

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