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The Angry Beach Bronco ❤️s the friggin beach.

Here's to beach days, lying in the sun with the grass between your toes, and summer blue skies overhead ☀️ Happy Victoria Day for my fellow Canadians! #getanchored #paulhewitt @paul_hewitt

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The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14
Happy Sunday from our family to yours! Huge thank you to @staygoldensage for tagging us in this photo! For a chance to be featured as our photo of the week, make sure to tag us as @thepuppybarn and #puppybarn in all of those insta-worthy Puppy Barn photos!

It's been a long day at the Neckerchief Factory.

Wild Boys 🐶 🐊

What is the difference between dog and wolf? Curiosity 😃Привет ребятки, а вы знаете, чем отличается собака от волка на уровне нервной системы? Любопытством , которое присуще любой собаке 😉🐶
Ps. Мячику на фото 3 года, он есть на одной из первых фотографий в моем Инстаграмм "Вегас первый день дома"

HAPPY ONE YEAR RESCUE-VERSARY, KAYDEN!!!!💙🎉 I cant believe a year ago today I became your mommy! You have come so far from the first day I saw you and I am so incredibly proud of you! You quickly stole Kyra's and I hearts and completed our little family. Everyday you bring happiness into my life and I am forever grateful to be your mommy. I cant put in into words how much I love you because as winnie the pooh once said; you don't spell it, you feel it. To many, many more years together filled with grand adventures my sweet boy 💙


I believe she understands that the only way to live happily is to forget about the past, not to worry about the future, just enjoy the present moment.😌

Trying to play with my new 🐡-friends.
They didn't like playing with my tho 😢

Beautiful day for a swim ☀️

Hello ladies 😎 #wetwetwet

**update on lorelei**
Lorelei had to go into emergency surgery Thursday night. She had ate a corn cob, and the vet said that there was a very slim chance of her making it. The vet said that the best choice was to put her down. But we got another vet opinion and she said that she was going to do it for free. We always had this veterinarian but she moved to her own clinic. We are beyond glad we went back to her. Lorelei made it threw surgery and she is doing pretty well. We are going to pick her up tomorrow. There is still a slim chance of her intestines failing since she is in a bad condition but everything is looking up right now. Please keep her and us in your prayers. ♥

5 months
Nikon D7200
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Standard dog mom.

Guys, with those ears, eyes and snout, he's straight out of a cartoon 🐶🐶🐶 #slowmotion #slowmotionpuppy #puppyears

"Everything the light touches is our kingdom."

Nothing but smiles

Behavior 101. Check. 🐶🏅✌️ #starstudent #obeyallday #onmybestbehavior

This #puppy is my life !

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