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Goooood morning 😍 #frenchievids
🎥: @lavishfrenchbulldogs

Cuteness overload ❤️

I needed this face today. Especially since he hasn't given us any crazy faces these past few weeks. This is what I wrote last time I posted this photo and it's even truer now:"600 photos ago, I started this account for our crazy Sausage. Never in my life would I ever have thought this account would bring me some of the most amazing people in my life and what an impact this community would have. We love you all to pieces, seriously. Thanks for always checking in. ❤️❤️❤️ #derpofderps "

#tbt Eve aged 4 months old, look at her fuzzy hair!🙊😍

Allie, Sammy & Ollie 💭 Yummy yummy black beans! Get in our bellies! 😋😋😋 (Max and Monte don't like black beans! 😉) Happy Hump Day y'all! 🤗♥️👋🏼 #HappyHumpDay #YummyYummy #EatingWithChopsticks

Is This 🐶 Or 🍞? #ProbablyAMixOfBoth #WhenYourDogIsTHICC 😓

You hoomans are really no good at telepathy are you?? I sent you a "Feed me now" message ten minutes ago and still nothing!


Have a friend who could use a little @greencapes pick-me-up? Tag 'em! 👇

This little pup (like all the pups you see @greencapes) is going to grow up to be a life-changing dog guide one day, but first, she'll spend the next year or so growing up with her volunteer foster family. Thanks to my friend and fellow puppy raiser J.M. for this sweet picture.


Dear @barkbox, I'm applying for your taste tester position. I think I'm qualified for this position because I have ample knowledge of treats, my super ability to smell and since I'm not a picky eater... I can eat a LOT of treats! P.s. Oh and I promise won't eat all your profits 🤑#besttreatsever #tastetester #barkXtarget

A typical work day.. #dogsatwork #dogsofamazon

Faye is our loyal customer which hoki oil and omega oil help her a lot in term of her coating, eyes, overall health and immune system can you believe she will turn 11 years old soon this Dec? ... such a sweet senior! ❤️ Repost from @faye_americancocker_diary
An un-willing model!!❤️😊😂
Faye with her favorite brand @newflands Hoki oil, this products are selling fast and have receive a lot of pawsitive feedback from customers!
Hoki oil are freshly made from New Zealand Hoki fish, able to improve overall health of your pets - skin, coating, cognitive, joint support, immune system, heart, eyes and well being. Get your bottle now with @_pawsnpals_ ❤️ #fayethecocker #americancockerspaniel #cockerspaniel #dogoftheday #dogstagram #dogsofig #dogslife #dogscorner #newflands #hokioil #healthypets #doglover #lovedogs #petlovers #petshopmalaysia #sgdogs #sgpuppy #instadog #instapet #instadaily #spaniel #cocker #dog_features #mydog #cutedogs #ilovemydog #dogmodel #instamood #catsofinstagram #petstagram

Time for bed!

2017.8.17 * Happy gatcha day!🤗✨sango✨💕
今日は珊瑚の #うちの子記念日 ✨✨

This is our new friend Beruntung, like many dogs here in Bali, Indonesia he is a homeless pup. It is so hard to see the 80% of the dogs who don't have an owner to love or care for their basic needs. Everyday since being in Bali my Mum and her friends have witnessed Beruntung claiming shelter at the local Mini Mart. So they needed to do something to help, and went to the local pet store and purchased him his very own bowls and enough food to last sometime. With the help of @nikadekayup and the staff at the local Mini Mart he will be fed food and water on the daily. We have given our new friend the name 'Beruntung' which means lucky in Indonesian. Although Mum and her friends can't save all of our beautiful fur-cousins, we can all sure make a difference by donating to @bawabali_official! We love you Beruntung, you are our lucky, shining star! 🐶🌟💖 #Bali #BaliDogs #Beruntung

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