Back in the day when kids could walk to school my mom would drop us off a block away in front of a house with a roses garden and I would give her a kiss 💋(if no one was looking). As I closed the car door she would always say “stop and smell the roses.” Roses aren’t really my thing but I do stop to admire and appreciate the details, the lines and the textures of the world around me. There is so much beauty if you just step back and slow down.

My chocolate face feral child. She kept hugging & kissing me during the movie, telling me "I love you, mom!" #lovemyfamily #myworld #doesntgetbetterthanthis

Is there anything better than listening to the rain on a summer night?

Beach + babe 😍 #doesntgetbetterthanthis

“If you challenge yourself to live as though it were your last week, your mind may come up with all kinds of suppressed desires. It may start talking about all the things that you’ve always wanted to do, and you may think you had better go do them. You will soon see that’s not the answer. You have to understand that it is your attempt to get special experiences from life that makes you miss the actual experience of life. Life is not something you get; it’s something you experience. Life exists with or without you. It has been going on for billions of years. You simply get the honor of seeing a tiny slice of it. If you’re busy trying to get something, you will miss the slice you’re actually experiencing”
- Michael A. Singer

Sometimes it pays to skip the ride out, stay, breathe and savour the moment 💛#naturelover #amazingsunset #doesntgetbetterthanthis

HA! Now this is my idea of staying in shape (minus the bedside dairy) 😉🙃🤷‍♀️📺🛏🥇so before you all run off to your Saturday yoga, Pilates, cross fit. Whatever you do - just think of how amazing Marilyn looked by doing this!! 👆🧐

To say this weather and view #doesntgetbetterthanthis is a massive understatement. I'm just glad Sal can be here to enjoy it for more than a day this year! 😛#stregisdeervalley @naliicat 😍

Enjoyed every moment! Friends from Chicago and San Diego... #lifelongfriendships #doesntgetbetterthanthis

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